Last Thursday we had the opportunity to make our own website. For the first time I made a website which is going to represent me. I am very excited about my website. Today I take a  moment to thank ct101.us. I learned a lot from this website and my classmates works. I am saying goodbye to this website so that I can get a chance to say hello to my website. I welcome you all to my website Sabrinahaque.com

Remembering Mother Teresa

This is my second picture of the person who inspires me. I enjoyed a lot working on this portrait because this portrait was not so hard to do. I was able to follow steps by steps as the professor said to. I also had help from my classmates. At first I unlock the background then I erase the background. After that I put two more eyes under her real eyes and I did the same thing for her mouth. I tried to make the portrait similar to three dimensional picture. This is the finishing look of my portrait.

My Inspirations

Last Tuesday in the class we were assign to chose two famous or infamous people who inspire us. It was a good opportunity for me to create two people who inspired me and I am learning to put their faces together as one. The first person I chose is Mahatma Gandhi and the second person that I chose is Mother Teresa. The reason I chose this two specific people is because this two people are known for their outstanding principles, which is non-violence and peace. Here is a picture of my first inspiration.