“Project To Think About….”

The two media project ideas that I am thinking about doing will be animated gifs and visual

The reasons why I chose these two is because I learned how to create gifs in class in my second week and by doing the animated gifs this can be taking my ability of making gifs, to the next level which would be really cool and fun. The reason why I chose the second one is because visual will be new to me and visual is something I am interested in learning how to do. For these two projects I think I will need to learned to take my creation to another level in order for it to come out original and good. With visual I will need to learn to play around with pictures and analyze it to tell a story,  and main purpsoe of the picture. With the animated gifs I will like to get creative and better at what I actual put on the screen. Also get more in dept with the stories I tell behind these animated gifs same as the visual.

Within this semester I think I would need to do two of these projects in order to get better at the first and much more better than the last. In order to be good and actual learn something where it can be done by me in the future on my own I strongly think two of these projects is fair enough appropriate amount to do.

These skills will be important because not only will it be useful for my needs in the future, but if I want to continue with these studies or still continue doing storytelling on this site, my skill can then be applied. Also if someone needs help I can be assistants to them which can make their job easy and much more smooth. Also these skills can go on into my future where I can even become a “pro” if I keep up the work and practicing. Therefore the skills and value of work that is learned in these course don’t just stop here it can go further than just CT 101 in fact beyond that.



Are Memes Art ?

Are Memes Art ? Let See……

Memes are art ! Why you may ask ? Because art is the ability to take something and be creative with it and make it your own.

Now look at this I took a picture from one of my favorite movies and added words and color to it and BOOM… Art was created. Art is being able to get creative and getting in touch with your inner creativity and make it fun along the way.

I took the same picture and changed the words and the color and now it has a totally different meaning. This is what we call art where you can take something and change the meaning and prospective of it and give it a new look. 

This meme I got from the internet is so funny to me because it is something like art. You can start with one boring picture and create 100 creative memes out of it just by being creative and making it your own. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome isn’t it !

Highlights From My First GIFs !!!!

Highlights !!!

Creating some of my first GIF ever was pretty exciting. One highlight was that I was able to learn how to make it move when I post it. Even though I did not get it on my first try the fact that I was able to learn from my mistakes and ask for help while doing it was pretty great. Which goes to show nothing is ever perfect even things that are seen as “great” still needs to be worked on. Another highlight was the fact that I created not one but four GIFs on my first try which was pretty fun and awesome. The fact that I was able to create something from my brain and see it on big computer screens was double awesome, never knew I can do it. Even though I am still learning and have much more to work on I did have a favorite GIF that I loved which I made from my four. Let me share that favorite with you one more time.

Yayay Me !!!


The reason I loved this GIF is because her face expressions totally expresses how I felt about all my four GIFs after creating them. I was like girl yes, you got this. Also I just love Nicki so much her personality is so me lol.



Making My First GIF ! (OMG)

My First GIF

When my professor said that our CT 101 class will create our first GIF, I was excited yet scared at first. I could not believe we was actually going to create our own but yet I was scared with all these ideas running through my head. But even though it is my first and I will only get better looking back at the four that I created I was very proud of myself. Let me take you through my first four GIF ever !

This was the first GIF that I made. I felt just like this excited but yet have so much ides that is like an ocean full of ideas but not sure on what to do. The more I use these ideas the better I know I will get.

This was my second GIF, I was like yes girl you got this. One thing I have to learn is to have faith in myself and learn not to be disappointed in my work. Due to the fact that every mistake is a learning process for better.

This was my third try at GIF, I felt like a cold piece of ice. I had so many ideas still going through my head that I came to the point where I felt like my brain went ice cold, because I did not know what to do. But I then learned with all these ideas I can do what ever came to my mind and explore my great ideas.

This is my forth GIF ! Then finally I became as happy as this lady and this emoji. I realized that my ideas is only going to come together, and by exploring my ideas I am expressing my creative side. Even though it is going to take me some time to be good or even great, the learning process is what is going to be an amazing pathway. GIF is just an easy way to express your current mood or feeling within any situation in your life.