Final Post

Looks like this the end. When I was recommended CT101 by my adviser, I honestly expected this class to be either a writing intensive class about communication technology (phones, morse code, etc) or giving presentations on the work we did (which was about a quarter right) but I didn’t expect it to be this enjoyable and easygoing with an awesome professor to boot. One of the first assignments, “Can memes be art?”, was a good appetizer for what the course was going to be like since it allowed me to share some of my favorite memes with others as well as make some memes of my own for the class

Up next was the GIF project which let me create gifs for the very first time, which I thought was the hardest thing to do other than video editing but it took some minimal Photoshop editing, a few words in the search bar and some dragging and dropping some pics into the website to find out how easy it was to create a GIF.

Then came the Chimetric Composition challenge and the Zine project, both of which were the most challenging part of this course was mostly due to finding the perfect photos. For the Chimetric composition, I had a hard time finding the perfect picture of clouds with the right lighting and had trouble adjusting the clouds in order to make it look like it fits in front of the castle as well was making it look like the whole bottom part of the screen. For the Zine project, it wasn’t as frustrating as the Chimteric project but it shared the same frustrating feature of finding the most fitting pictures.

The unexpected turn here was making a website of our own, which was a completely alien thing to me and was somewhat daunting at the start since we had to manage on our own but it didn’t turn out that way. Sure, it was weird operating my own website on my own terms and uploading our work to it but I slowly got used to it. Here is my website btw

Being able to create these, pushed me to practice Photoshop even more by photoshopping  pics of my friends or creating some vaporwave of my own, which I thought I could ever do since all the art I’ve seen of it look so complicated with the different images overlapping as well as the color scheme

In the end, I really enjoyed this class and I learned a lot while doing it. With this newfound knowledge on Photoshop, I plan on practicing my skills to create more memes and maybe due as a hobby for professional purposes. As for the future of my website, I don’t believe I’ll be keeping it up since, in my opinion, I don’t have much to share and I don’t quite have the motivation to do so. Overall, I believe I deserve at most an A- due to the amount of procrastinating I did and having only 14 posts but the amount of effort I put into the art I did sort of makes up for it


New Domain

Still haven’t gotten used to the fact that I have my website but I’m still very excited to see whats to come for the site as it’s gonna dedicated to random Photoshop stuff and blender and how my skills have improved over the semester. So here it is: ( The site still has some kinks that I’m trying to work out but I promise, it’ll look C L E A N

Can memes be art?

Yes, memes can and will always be a form of art since its a great form of communication and allows people to freely express themselves through jokes. Art, by definition, is a way for people to express their creativity and emotions and I feel like memes fits this quite well. Art is also very subjective. For example, a person would look at a meme and completely miss the meaning behind it but would take one look at a canvas of random shapes and colors and suddenly feel enlightened and vice versa.

Here’s some memes I found while procrastinating

CT101 Impressions

Walking into class on the first day and noticing it was a pretty small class in a computer lab






It only got better when Ryan went over the syllabus

Learn how to make gifs and memes

How to use Adobe Photoshop, Aftereffects, etc

and to top it all off, all work is done on the computer and no written exams

Then came the introductions…









Overall, I think this class is pretty chill with a cool professor and I’m pretty excited about what we’re going to learn throughout the semester

Stuff that make me happy

One of the things that’s making me happy is the upcoming release of Borderlands 3 on September 13th, which is the third, technically fourth, installment of the franchise. This game introduces various new mechanics, features, and a wide variety of worlds and enemies to explore and encounter overall, every aspect of this game differs greatly from the previous installments in the best way possible.

I also enjoy browsing reddit because it has pages (subreddits) on prettymuch everything but I mostly use it for the memes.

These memes came from reddit dankmemes