My Inspiration

As we are continuing GIF the portrait  activity from before, I was instructed to use portrait image of someone who inspires me. Take that image, load it in Photoshop and manipulate it by using different filters. It allows us to create different kind of GIFs by putting multiple frames into animation. Now I thought I would be confused selecting someone that inspires me but to my utter surprise, I had one name and a face that popped up in my head. I honestly have a lot of people that do inspire me but in recent days this person has amazed and motivated me. We are both of same age so every time I fall back to my laziness, I push myself thinking that if he can do it, I can too. He is Kim Namjoon.

There is all about him in Wikipedia and other websites so I will try to be as brief as possible. His name is Kim Namjoon. He is a 24 years old South Korean artist famous for rapping, producing music and writing lyrics. His stage name is RM. He is the leader of the South Korean boy band called BTS and has two solo albums RM and MONO respectively. He has also collaborated with other artists too. I fell in love with him when they all first appeared on the Ellen Show. He is more fluent in English than other band members and he learned English by watching the sitcom Friends. He was asked as a part of a prank if he wanted his solo career or stay with the band and he chose the band without hesitation.

In September 2018, United Nations had an event, “Youth 2030” where  UNICEF launched an initiative that will work for young people to have education, training or employment by 2030. BTS, as part of their “Love Myself” campaign, was one of the speakers where RM spoke about inspiring oneself and self-acceptance. We make mistakes and people have the tendency to make others feel bad about it. Out of guilt, we accept being less worthy and forget who we aspired to be. Whoever I was yesterday is still me which can only help me to be a bit wiser tomorrow. We can work to become better human beings by accepting our own flaws and shortcomings. His speech left me in tears and moved me to my core. I was filled with admiration for him.

Being the same age and living in the same generation, their album series “Love Yourself” taught nothing but loving oneself. His music, thoughts, point of views and way of living has inspired me to be like him for others too. I wish and hope that he realizes a sense of achievement for doing this and be proud of and love himself at times in need. Because along with million other hearts he touched, I admire him with all mine.

Visual Assignment – DS 106

I am late to post this assignment so here I am!

This is a late assignment submission using DS 106 Assignment Bank. Under the Visual assignments tab, we were assigned to create a post using multiple pictures of ourselves or someone we know and layer them in photoshop. The main purpose is to unleash the creativity inside us. So here I am presenting my work which I named Perplexed. My reason behind the name is that in our everyday life we have to make choices. Keep choosing the same decisions as commitments and newer ones as well while calculating all possible pros and cons. The perplexity occurs when we try to foresee if we are making the right choices or not for ourselves and for the people around us. We can depend on our experiences but only time ahead can tell us if it is right or wrong. So always have a backup plan.

The Pano-Time Travel: Where Friendship Takes Flight

For the CT 101 class, our current project is Panoramic Storytelling With Multiplicity by using the panoramic feature of our mobile devices and create a visual fictional story or basically whatever the heck we can come up with. A panorama is “the unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer”. I was behind the camera. I did not want it to be simply fictional but give it a slight hint of reality as well. With such short amount of time and a little mishap *cough*, we came up with this idea I would like to name Where Friendship Takes Flight.

We are a hipster generation where we don’t always see eye to eye with older people because of the massive time evolution. Mayhaps why we come across as bunch of introverts and anti-socials. Friendship is such a beautiful process that can take place regardless of age, gender, race, and basically everything. We connect with each other on a common ground despite having differences. It naturally happens between everyone. This picture is about how friendships happen in our academic lives specifically. For example, we can strike up a conversation with a stranger about how we feel about a topic where we both support the same argument or differ, and then go on with our days separately or become friends for life.

For this somewhat of an emotional post, take a screenshot and comment below which potato you are 🤗

(it’s okay if you don’t 😅)

The Million Dollar Question

Since the beginning of meme culture, I have been a meme enthusiast. Half of my phone’s storage is memes of different kinds.

Now Professor asked if memes are art or not. Many would think that memes are stupid and made for fun. People who don’t have time or an actual paying job make memes. it is not true.Now if a professor teaching a class where one of the topics is memes, then I am certain that it holds some kind of importance. A class like this evaluates your academic credibility in the most creative and fun way!

Before I answer, let me give you a definition of art which I may or may have not googled. Le definition de art is, the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power“.As you can see I have highlighted parts of that definition. A meme can express a thought, feeling or opinion creatively through an entertaining visualization. Art doesn’t restrict itself to only few aspects. It is universal.

*Thinking about the class*

I am an Information Systems Management undergrad and about to graduate this summer.

But I had to take classes that would help me complete my credits. Choosing random classes was difficult and frustrating.

But then someone mentioned about CT 101 and I was like :

So I looked into CunyFirst and I wanted to take it right away because it is something that resonates with my  passion and something that spiked my interest.

First day of class not knowing what to expect, professor says he can not hear properly and everything has to be visual to him and I was like

I also told all my friends everything about him,

and then he delivered an hour long speech and I was full with inspiration








This is the 2nd week into the class and we are already making blogpost with gifs. I am a gif enthusiast so I am super excited to post this and for everyone to see Also to check out how other people use gif in their head! I can’t wait to see what else we are going to in future classes ^.^

Honorary mention: no textbooks.