Here is my website

The link above is my website. I have posted all my henna work I have done by far (or I have documented as pictures because let’s be honest, I have not taken pictures of half of my work T_T) and I don’t wish to just keep it only henna work. Do check it out and let me know what you liked, or something that I should try out and all. One of my classmates suggested that I should incorporate western designs and yes, i am working on it! thank you so much..

Appreciating fellow classmates’ Websites

Being in CT 101 class, we all got to create our own website in the class and everyone came up with the best creative ideas. For weekly activity, we shared our websites with fellow classmates and checked each other’s posts. I made comments on few posts that I found extraordinary. They were about lifestyle, cooking, music, art, photography, poetry and so much more.

I loved Vivian Ho’s website focusing on her photography and travel

I love all her pictures and how she captions them, it intrigues me and inspires me to do something similar as I have the same passion for photography. I can not write about all her posts but one photo that awestruck me was this one-

the rawness of this photo is just extraordinary. I find it hard to click a perfect picture of a subject on the moment. I forget that it is beautiful however it is instead of focusing on the technicalities. Thank you for using your website for photography and hope you keep getting inspired and inspire people like me to pursue our passion.

On the other hand, I love Jan Ryan Enate’s website

that has a beautiful mix of photography and poetry. I also love writing too and I found his style and pattern of writing unusual. I don’t think I have explored my style yet. My writing in inspired and influenced by what i see and read. I guess i ave a long way to go just to get inspired and come up with my style. I related to this one poem and keeping it with me for as long as I can.

“Night Sky”

Flat Universe Vapor Wave XD

I have always had a little something against randomly putting things in my art work. For some reason I want things; that is under my control; to make sense. It may not serve the same purpose for others but I would know the back story if I don’t get to tell it to the world.

Today I learned about Vapor Wave. I have seen what it is before but never knew that it is called le Vapor Wave. One could use wildest corners of their imagination and come up with wonderful piece of art work that could be interpreted in so many different ways.

Here, I present a member from the flat universe society from who knows which near or far future year and what others think of him or them. Many think of retro when they see a vapor wave creative manipulation, I just wanted it to have a futuristic touch to it too. 

Never stop your imagination!

Vintage poster : Redefined

This week our activity is to take a vintage travel poster and remix it with “CT 101” in it. I learned how to merge layers into one image and how to use the rectangular tool to fill and remove bits and parts of an image. It is a bit tricky task as professor mentioned. I chose San Francisco only to rhyme it with the next line I wrote. i have no personal memory to associate with this place though I would like to visit this place someday.

Here is the sample of two images that I found my inspiration from following with the finished product:

Happy photoshopping! 😃 💜💡🖼👌

My Inspiration

As we are continuing GIF the portrait  activity from before, I was instructed to use portrait image of someone who inspires me. Take that image, load it in Photoshop and manipulate it by using different filters. It allows us to create different kind of GIFs by putting multiple frames into animation. Now I thought I would be confused selecting someone that inspires me but to my utter surprise, I had one name and a face that popped up in my head. I honestly have a lot of people that do inspire me but in recent days this person has amazed and motivated me. We are both of same age so every time I fall back to my laziness, I push myself thinking that if he can do it, I can too. He is Kim Namjoon.

There is all about him in Wikipedia and other websites so I will try to be as brief as possible. His name is Kim Namjoon. He is a 24 years old South Korean artist famous for rapping, producing music and writing lyrics. His stage name is RM. He is the leader of the South Korean boy band called BTS and has two solo albums RM and MONO respectively. He has also collaborated with other artists too. I fell in love with him when they all first appeared on the Ellen Show. He is more fluent in English than other band members and he learned English by watching the sitcom Friends. He was asked as a part of a prank if he wanted his solo career or stay with the band and he chose the band without hesitation.

In September 2018, United Nations had an event, “Youth 2030” where  UNICEF launched an initiative that will work for young people to have education, training or employment by 2030. BTS, as part of their “Love Myself” campaign, was one of the speakers where RM spoke about inspiring oneself and self-acceptance. We make mistakes and people have the tendency to make others feel bad about it. Out of guilt, we accept being less worthy and forget who we aspired to be. Whoever I was yesterday is still me which can only help me to be a bit wiser tomorrow. We can work to become better human beings by accepting our own flaws and shortcomings. His speech left me in tears and moved me to my core. I was filled with admiration for him.

Being the same age and living in the same generation, their album series “Love Yourself” taught nothing but loving oneself. His music, thoughts, point of views and way of living has inspired me to be like him for others too. I wish and hope that he realizes a sense of achievement for doing this and be proud of and love himself at times in need. Because along with million other hearts he touched, I admire him with all mine.