Slightly Stressing

So due to the semester coming to an end, the work loads getting heavier and having practice everyday, I’ve fell behind on a little school work and ran into a few struggles with completing my website.  I am still in need of a few tweaks in order to get my website up and running for posts.  I some what feel that the theme I picked is a little complicated, so I’ve contemplated changing it, which I feel will be a big help toward finishing the website.  I also did and still am struggling a bit with creating the menu to navigate the if anyone has any suggestions or helpful tips, feel free to leave to drop a comment or two.  =)

Animals Doing Funny Things

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This assignment comes from the Ds106 repository, and I selected this because animals honestly cease to amaze me and they always get caught in the act of doing funny or crazy things without even knowing what they are actually doing.  Although I do find it funny that every time the owner turns the water off, the dog keeps turning the water back on to drink..this video really makes me think to myself “how does the dog know to turn the water back on and then keep his paw on the knob” lol.

Straight Heat

So Drake and Future recently released a collaboration mixtape, which I feel was fire with the exception of about two or three songs.  Overall, this was definitely a good collab and I feel that the gif i created below along with the caption, well represents my view on the mixtape for sure.  I thought of this gif because when I’m in the car with my friends, whoever has the aux cord is expected to play a “fire” song that we can all vibe to; and when I try to picture that expectation from a different point of view, this is the image that comes to mind lol…

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…When you get the aux cord and play Drake and Futures new mixtape “What A Time To Be Alive”…Nothing but fire…

Finesse At Its Finest

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I chose this video because I just find this move to be so smooth and the best way for me to sum it up is with the word “finesse” and I also feel that Nick Young is one of the smoothest/ most swaggy players on and off the court in the NBA in my opinion. I might just have to throw this move in my lay-up package…

What Makes Me Happy ?…

Overall basketball is what makes me happy and keeps me balanced, but one of the main aspects of the game that excites me and get me amped are posterizers.  The video above is an example of a posterizer. When I’m playing in a game and a dunk like that occurs or I possibly dunk on someone, my adrenaline increases and I become instantly hyped.  I guess I enjoy this because of the reaction from the crowds when a dunk occurs and the reaction you get from your teammates on and off the court.  I also enjoy the feeling of staring down the person who got dunked on and the way the gym erupts with excitement. It’s a great feeling lmao.