Mario Toast Gif

Since the first week of class I wanted to to the toast assignment, but I didn’t know how to do it. Today, the professor showed me how to do it. First, I chose an image of a toast. Then, I created a gif with a Super Mario Bros video that I found on Youtube. After that, we uploaded both files to Photoshop. We cropped the part of the toast in which we wanted the gif to be. We copied the toast image to the gif. And there were many other steps that I don’t know how to explain.I really like doing this assignment and the final results.




picking images to create a gif portrait

Before starting class, I saw that a classmate posted a gif portrait and I liked it a lot. I even commented on the post and wonder if I would be able to learn how to create such difficult kind of things in this class. Then, the professor says we would do the same project in class.  It seems very difficult, but it isn’t.

I decided to choose some funny faces to put them together. At first, I didn’t know how to start this project. I ended up having so much fun. I create mine downloading the app Vine. I really enjoy making this gif portrait and I will be posting more of them.

This time, I tried twice with the same images. I also added some music.