Isn’t One’s Own Domain Interesting!

I think a student or a faculty member would like to have a “domain of one’s own” because it would enable them to have an opportunity and the flexibility to design, create and have thoughtful uses of those spaces. I think other people have their own domain name for professional and personal uses because it is a service that is available for them to make life easier, more accessible.

Based on Jim Groom’s interview, it is accurate and effective that faculty and students should have a space of their own and be able to manage that space personally and professionally as well. Having a domain of one’s own allows people to digital identity of their own, and it enables them to use that identity. I would chose a domain name based on my name, I would probably go with something like since it’s a name that I use quite frankly, I’m comfortable going with that.

Social Media Is The Way To Go

I tend to engage in using several forms of social networks on almost a daily basis as a form of socializing and for journalistic and news gathering purposes as well. In this age, social media has taken a world of itself and it is quite dominant. I engage in several forms of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whats App and YouTube. I use these social networks for both public and private purposes.

I use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for public reasons. These are public because they allow you to share information, videos, pictures and at the same time you have the ability to make them public so that an array of people can have access to it and respond to comments, posts etc. However, I use Whats App for private uses such as sending typed messages, photos, videos, and other peculiar pieces of information that I may want to share with a close friend or a family member for instance. I lean towards these choices because I feel more comfortable to share information in this manner.

In Danah Boyd’s Controlling Your Public Appearance, she definitely makes good points about how you use social media. She definitely made an impact on me as I read her piece. Most people are relatively aware of the pros and cons of social media, thus they should be vigilant as to what they share or post on social media.




I was able to create a GIF with Garfield doing a happy dance. Garfield is one of my favorite cartoon characters. In many ways this may seem strange but, Garfield reminds me a lot of myself, that is his perspectives on a lot of things and even how he acts at times. So I decided to go onto YouTube and find an episode of the show that seemed appealing to just about any audience. After, some contemplating and cutting and editing, I was able to make a GIF with Garfield doing his happy dance.

I would say that creating GIFs is an interesting and creative way of representing expressions and emotions. Just make a GIF instead of having to use detailed lettering and words. Of course communication is important and essential but, GIFs are fun and people tend to respond to them in a more unique way. So, personally I say would next time you want to be creative and express yourself make a GIF and send it to someone.

This Is How I Feel When When My Cousin Shares A Joke With Me About My Mom

This is how I would feel when someone tells me a funny joke about my mom for instance in a text message or on a social media exchange. In some situations instead of actually sending them back a typed text message you can actually send them an expression like this. Also, this expression is more fun and creative to be sharing with social media long with text exchange.

Reaction GIFs are a fun and unique way of expressing your feelings and how you would respond to a statement or situation. For instance,these days especially with the younger generation, people tend to drift towards reaction GIFs when they are exchanging views and even comments on various forms of social media. Reaction GIFs have definitely been giving a new outlook on social media and even regular messaging and emailing.