What are you doing to help YOUR community?!


It’s time to save them bags we’ve been wasting ALL THESE YEARS!! When I saw this on the news I was like YESSS! Why? Because I work at Marshall’s and people be asking for 3 bags for just a little thing they bought. LIKE NO! I think we should be saving money as well as recycling and bringing your own plastic bag to put your things in it. Some people even have the nerve to say I use it for my garbage. They just being cheap. Sorry not Sorry.


Click on the Blue to read on about the 5cent fee on plastic bag!

Copyright Issues.

I found this article on the computer on copyright issues. Copyright has been created to ensure that your work can be protected from anyone trying to steal it. If it has not been copyright, anyone can just take your work and say it is theirs. In order to use someone’s work you have to make sure you cite it. If you do not cite the other persons work, that means you have plagiarized. The person who owns the work can sue you and charge you for taking their work. If you do not cite the work in college you can get in serious trouble with the professor as well as it will be on your record that you have plagiarized.