Our group did two Friends inspired panoramic photos~! We thought to remake the Friends era and luckily we saw this couch! Taking panoramic photos is no easy feat, it takes steady hands. Working with my group was a lot of fun and the photos below are our interpretation of Friends.

Friends inspired



Let us remember the episode where Ross Geller and Joey Tribbiani took the best nap of there lives. Our group is crushed to let a remake opportunity like this go by.

Season 7 Episode 6

More importantly, Jay-Z’s video called ‘Moonlight’ that casts black actors Issa Rae, Tessa Thompson, Tiffany Haddish, Lakeith Stanfield, Lil Rel Howery, and Jerrod Carmichael as the Friends cast. In the video Jay-Z  shows how media misrepresents/ exploits Black and African Americans by using them for “diversity.”



Portrait of Alfonsina Storni

We got to use Photoshop again this week! I chose the multiple face portrait from the ds106 website.

I chose Alfonsina Storni the late Argentine poet as the subject for the averaged portrait. I learned about her writing at York in my Spanish 106 class. She published her most acclaimed work El dulce daño in 1918. There weren’t a lot of portraits of her online, so I picked a few.

Putting the layers together for this on Photoshop took some trial and error and me accidentally setting the eraser opacity to 0% >.> The next the project from I would like to take on is the imaginary place:

I’d like to merge the characters of Broad City with the film Pride and Prejudice (2005). Basically, add them to a P&P backdrop and add their car somewhere near them. I will be attempting this idea in our next class as well as the  3D Anaglyph like Vivian did with a portrait.


I think ten more projects like these would definitely improve our Photoshop and storytelling abilities. This week in class we learned how to edit layers in photoshop and retouching the subjects of the photos surroundings. Learning these skills I think ables us to create more and express our ideas specific to us.

“To meme, or not to meme”

Art evokes emotion, thought and usually leads to more unexplored theories on art. I think memes are mostly good for the future of art because they are part of the art landscape. I think memes do amplify communication because they are so readily available, fun to use and relatable like the one below that was shared on the Instagram page @buzzfeedUK.


People do express themselves through memes and I think they do well because more than one person can relate to the meme in different situations. Self-expression finds many forms in written or fine art and memes are used because people can create them themselves, easily. Creativity is not limited to people in the fine arts and I think some meme creators use their creativity/talent just as much.

For example, a respected artist can have an installation at a gallery and reach the same amount of people as a well-known meme page on Instagram. There might not be a distinct overlay in their audiences, but access to technology has allowed to Instagram meme page owners to quit their 9-5 jobs.



Relatable Content Makes Me Happy

Reading or watching relatable content is a huge part of the content I ingest daily. Broad City my favorite show is on its fifth and final season and their first episode back showed their personas seamlessly. Their episodes always exaggerate perfectly.

One of my favorite comedians John Mulaney used to write for Saturday Night Live. He once said on Weekend Update a thought that others have had before concerning the availability of Girl Scout cookies. It isn’t easy making relatable content but when it is done it does well online and is sent to people’s friends and family.