My first impressions of CT101

When I first came into this class and saw my friends,

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As for the class, I expected nothing more than another York college class.

And then Ryan said we had to present proects.

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Then I started to think about the presentations we had to do.

Ryan said theres no written final

But then Ryan said we were going to learn how to make GIFs..

He also said we would also learn about photoshop and had me sold.

While reading the other semesters comments, this class seemed like it was fun.

I hope I get a good grade at the end.

Dank Videos That Make Me Happy

Hello fellow 2019 Fall students. I want to start by giving a brief introduction to myself. My name is Ricardo Deodutt and I am a computer science major with a CT minor.

There are a lot of things that make me happy on the internet. I love games, music, and surfing the internet for funny content. This video below me by far is making me happy. I found this video while surfing through Twitter.

(Video is loud)

This  GIF  below  sums  up  my  reaction  to  that  video.

I honestly thought this video was going to be a next viral trend like the water bottle flip challenge.