My Word Cloud

So I was thinking of the possible assignments I could do and realized that I’ve always wanted to make a cloud incorporated with all my favorite words and the concepts I cherish. Hence, I made my own word cloud! These are not too many words but they all have a common theme as you can probably tell. All of them have to do with ideas and concepts rather than materialistic things which is a depiction of my personality. I hold these things very close and as long as I have love, faith, happiness, success, trust, and all the words in this box, I am content and satisfied. Because for me, wealth does not buy happiness and constant accumulation of money and material things is unnecessary. Of course, it is important to be financially stable to live a good life but going to extremes in achieving piles of materialistic items is foolish. A person should have much bigger goals in their life and strive to make every day productive. Moreover, I think people nowadays need to realize the importance and value of the relationships they have with people. Compromise, understanding, faith, and good intentions are significant factors in any relationship. If a person incorporates these factors into a relationship, it is sure to be successful.


Big Hero 6

Another great Disney movie besides Frozen which I’m sure a lot of people have probably watched already is Big Hero 6. The makers behind this movie are the same as that of Frozen which explains why I loved it just as much. This movie is action-packed and comedy-filled, my favorite combination! It revolves around the special bond between Baymax, an inflatable robot, and prodigy Hiro Hamada. A tragic event takes place in the city of San Fransokyo leaving Hiro in danger. Thus he turns to Baymax and a few of his close friends to figure out the mystery behind it all. He also transforms his friends into high-tech heroes called “Big Hero 6.” There were many funny scenes in this movie and I’ve converted one of my favorites into a gif. It never fails to make me burst out laughing whenever I watch this scene.

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I love Disney babies

I’ve really begun to love making gifs ever since I learned it and this is one of them. I admire Disney babies because they just look so huggable and cuddly! This is a gif from the movie Frozen which I would recommend everyone to watch! The movie is about Anna, a fearless girl, who sets out in search of her sister Elsa who caused the kingdom of Arendelle to be trapped in eternal winter. She teams up with a mountain man named Kristoff who helps her. Elsa continues to battle with her mighty power of creating ice and snow. Although it is a beautiful ability, it can also be dangerous and Elsa tries to isolate herself fearing that she might turn into a monster. Watch the movie to find out what happens! I thought it would be relevant to mention this Disney movie since the weather is so icy and snowy these days.

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She accurately expresses what I’m feeling for this class

My first day in class really made me excited because I’ve always had a liking for gifs and to actually learn the details behind making them is awesome. Katy Perry is giving a good description of my feelings for this Digital Storytelling class. Can’t wait to learn so many new things!