Final Blog Post! / Rebecca Carroscio

When trying to figure out what classes to take for this semester, CT 101 was one that was recomended by a friend.  When I asked what we would be doing they said, “You pretty much make a website”.  It would be pretty accurate to say that I was slightly suspicious.

But from the first day of class, I knew that it was going to be more than that.  I learned that we would be learning ways to express our creativity.   When the question, “Are Memes Art?” came up, it really got me thinking and honestly, I was not sure.

It’s something I never really thought about.  At the time, I also didn’t even realize just how often I was seeing memes in my life, which I now realize is quite often.  It wasn’t until I was making my own meme and seeing memes from everyone else where I realized, “Yeah, memes are art”.  At least in my opinion.  Something I also did not realize was how proud I would be in making my first meme lol.

I feel that being art does not just apply to memes.  From memes to gifs and to making our own website, each one is a way of self expression, which I believe in turn makes them art.

Something that I am happy to have also learned was how to make hyperlinks.  I am not sure why, but I have been finding it so satifying making a title for links.  Besides that, I definitely know that I will probably start using Giphys way more often now than I did before along with memes.  Also, since I learned how, I can make my own memes when I can’t find an existing one that fits with what I am feeling.

Now, onto the topic of my website, which can be found here:

I plan to use my website as a cosmetology portfilio for when I start looking for a place to work within the cosmetology industry.  My website is not complete yet but so far the description of what will be to come is in the Home section and alittle bit of information about myself is in the the About section.  To start off, I decided to post a picture of a hairstyle I did back in high school in my Blog section.  Besides being a portfolio, I figured that my website can also be a place where anyone who enjoys looking at hairstyles can go to look or maybe even be a place for people to ask for advice on any hair-related concern.

I must say that I quite enjoyed making my website and I hope to develope it further by posting new hairstyles or haircuts that I have done.  I also want to see if it will be possible to allow people visiting the website to leave comments or questions.

Now … here is the part where I say the grade that I think that I have earned.  I am actually a bit nervous about this part lol but I would say a B.

The reason being is that I missed a few of the assignments unfortunately.

Anyway, I truely did enjoy this class and I would like to thank Professor Seslow for being the one teaching it.

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time and I wish everyone a happy end of the semester!

First Gif Post!

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for CT 101. I heard it was a great class but I was still a bit nervous.

However, after hearing Professor Ryan explaining what the class was going to be about and how we were going to be using our creativity I felt better and a bit excited for the semester.

Being creative is something I haven’t always been good at but I have hope that with each post alittle bit more of my creativity will show though.

* Timeskip to the end of the semester *

So, I realized that I never posted this along with some other posts.

I feel alittle funny to be posting this a bit late but better late then never right?

Anyway, I hope that everyone and their family is safe and healthy and I wish everyone luck during finals week!


Assignment #1 – Making me happy

Hi, my name is Rebecca Carroscio.

To be honest, it took me awhile to find what has made me happy on the internet.

Youtube has always been the starting place for me becoming a fan of different show series. Unfortunately though, some shows can’t be watched entirely on YouTube so that’s when Netflix and Amazon come in.

Something that I recently watched is Good Omens which is just a real feel-good show to watch.

I also enjoy watching anime, Demon Slayer has been a recent favorite of mine.

One of my favorite pastimes is also looking at illustrations on Instagram from different artists.  I myself have started to practice drawing so I look at the art of others to get ideas and to try to find my own style.

I know that this post is supposed to be about what makes me happy but something sad that I learned about was the death of the artist, Qinni.  She was one of the first artists I discovered online that inspired me to start illustrating.


However, out of all this sadness one thing that has made me happy has been seeing on Instagram so many of the artists’ hearts she has touched.  Many have made beautiful illustrations in contribution to her.