Final blog post


Today is legit my last day of class and I couldn’t be any happier. I’llĀ  be graduating in JuneĀ  and I’m glad I got a chance to take this class and meet professor Seslow. Learning how to make memes and gifs may prove to be helpful in any are of study especially mine. The ability to make someone laugh or smile with a personal gif or meme can be significant in psychology.

Another thing I learned in this class is to not underestimate the power of the internet. Prefessor Seslow always emphasized that the internet is the future and although it kind of already is a big part in everyone’s everyday life I feel like I got a better appreciation for it in this class. Learning about internet real estate, something that could really make you legit money.

As for the website I created I’m very proud of it and will continue to better it. Providing tips and tricks on how to get better at swimming is something I enjoy doing since I researched so much of it myself already. When I would have trouble learning a proper technique or why I wasn’t moving as fast as I thought I should. Watch out for the blog if you want to be a fast swimmer.

Last but not least now that I’m graduating I have all the time to feed my addiction to fortnite. Here is one more video of the infamous ninja.

Copyright Issue

This video shows a copyright issue between Lebron James and Alabama’s football coach when Lebron sent a letter asking for conversation before proceeding to legal procedures. Basically Lebron has a show call “UNINTERRUPTED” which is just him having barbershop talk. Alabama’s coach recently started a show called “shop talk” which is the same thing. What I understood about this was that copyright means sort of like an original idea getting taken, which is what Lebron started and now Alabama’s football coach is kind of copying it. Although I don’t agree with Lebron because an idea as simple as barbershop talk isn’t so original therefore he shouldn’t be the only one to do this.