First Experiences Be Like

Im really excited that i learned to create a GIF, using Imgur. Here is my first GIF of a baby trying to withstand the bitter sourness of a lemon, after his parents set him up. ¬†( The dad told him to take a big bite. Tsk tsk C’mon Daddy thats not nice lol)

I love the fact that although the lemon is sour, he’s still trying to eat it. Haha

This made me extremely happy just because babies are cute, and this baby made the ugliest/ most adorable face while consuming this lemon. As i was looking at other videos to GIF i kept thinking if the baby really was upset as an adult his response probably would


Look Like 




AND you cant forget your Handy-Dandy Escape Plan.!

I Found These Videos on Youtube, two of them are from the same video.

….Our Current Reality….

Unfortunately even in 2015 we are dealing with discrimination, whether it be by sex, appearance, race, or by demeanor.
Prejudice exists, among us as well as within our law enforcement. When will the world realize that anyone and everyone can be a target.


I found this post originally through google, but the link is within Tumblr. Messages like this really resonate with me because it speaks volumes with simple GIF’s of the reality of our current environment, and exhibits the world today. Im sharing it because i feel that it is a strong message and one that everyone should be aware not just Black Men.