My First Day Of CT 101

Me waking up late  for class:


driving to school:


walking into class like:

seeing my friends saved me a seat:


me tryna pay attention while my friends crack jokes about me being late:



making eye contact with the professor like:

My face when Professor Ryan explains the syllabusto the class:

me looking at my friends to see if they understood what he said:

LOL!! so far im enjoying this class. I hope to learn a lot about digital storytelling.

Rotary Power

Hey guys. I wanted to start by introducing myself a little bit. My name is Qadeer Syed, I am 20 years old. Currently, I’m majoring in computer science with a minor in CT.

Below are some GIFS I’ve made a video from Donut Media.  featuring one of my favorite car’s, the Mazda RX-7 FD, that still has the rotary engine in it. Which is very impressive to me because most people swap out the rotary engine for an Ls7 or anything else that’s not a rotary because it’s more “reliable”. if you want to know how these two different engines to work click here. One reason this video stood out to me was that the owner of this race car was a high school math teacher. Who eventually quit teaching to work with Red Bull’s Mad Mike, a professional drifter.


one of the reasons I love these types of cars is because of the way it sounds. Rotary engines are known to have a distinct sound to them :