Farewell CT 101.

One GIF that basically sums up the class:

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Ryan’s positive and humor always made me feel as though the work could be completed, and if I couldn’t solve that problem I could always ask him for help

As the semester comes to an end, I just wanted to say it has been a blast being apart of the creative space created by both professor Ryan and Mike.

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you can find the rest of my post here 

Tuesdays Class

Hi, guys I just wanted to make a blog post about today’s class session. Which happened to be very practical, when it came to setting up our domains.


I sat down at my computer a tried to remember my password lol I ended up resting it because I couldn’t figure it out. I sat there looking at my screen like this:


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for a good fifteen minutes.

All of a sudden Ryan starts talking about extensions and packages available for our sites. He then proceeds to show us what to add. I was sitting there like:

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after a while, I understood what he was saying and doing and I started to feel like this:

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Ryan showed us some ways to save money in class aswell. Got me feeling like Mr. Krabs

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I left class feeling happy because I knew that my website was good to go


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p.s. you can find my website here

GoOd bYe cT 101? I think not

It’s official my domain is finally up.  you can find me here

oh did I mention that this is my second domain? That’s right your boy got two domains hahaha.

All that being said I don’t see this as me leaving the CT 1o1 site. Wanna know why? Because:

I believe that Professor Ryan, along with his curreent and form students have created an amazing environment where people can express themselves through memes and other forms of art they’ve created. Why would I want to leave this place?

Don’t worry ill post on my new domain as well as the CT 101 site. As for site content maybe ill post things about cars. who knows…not me lol