I never knew that this would happen in the world right now, it seems so unreal. Hundreds of people with the disease, people dying because of it. Possibly, even a lockdown, this is so much to take in. Going out scares everyone now, people stacking up on groceries and supplies, leaving supermarkets empty. This is unbelievable, I think social media is hyping up the disease more than it should be. It is scary, going out and not knowing if you could catch the corona disease. I was happy school was closed, but for the whole semester? I didn’t even want that, this is so much pressure for teachers, which I feel bad. Of course, we all are going to learn how to use the internet for our work, but it’s so sudden…I really hope this blows over at least by the end of summer. I do like online courses, only because I don’t have to get up early to go out. Safety guys! Make sure you wash your hands, try tower gloves and masks. It does affect older people and people who travel more, so try not to travel. I know the flights are beyond cheap right now, but who wants to take that chance to come back with corona?? Stay home if you can!

Panoramic Group Pic

Today, my group and I decided to do several scenarios involving the use of panoramic pictures. I found it fun, the way we had to keep going around the photographer in such little time and recreate the picture. I had done a “Relationship” scenario in which my partner and I pretended to display stages of a new relationship. My group and I had fun using this and I plan to use this fun effect in the future as well. Learning this enhanced my photography skills as well.


Are Memes Art?

I believe that memes are a form of art because it’s like art in visual form. It expresses something and someone’s own thought. Using memes online it’s art being expressed what words alone can’t do. It focuses on a “This is me. this is my mood right now.” Memes are made to make people laugh and relate to it. It also brings humor to politics, economics, and the world itself.



Project Ideas

One project idea I believe I would like to do is using Tumblr to create my own posts/quotesI instead of reposting. The reason I picked this website because growing up I actually had an account on here but I don’t use it anymore. I’m a bit more familiar with how to post and maneuver this site. The other site that I would like to learn how to use is The Daily Create. I think it’s cool to that my work can go noticed and be displayed on the site with a specific tag. Overall, the amount of projects I think we should be doing this semester is probably around 10. The skills we learn are important because there’s so many little steps that we need in order to create our posts or memes on the website.

Assignment #2- My Thoughts on CT101

My first day when I had walked into CT101, I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t know much about the course itself, but me as a person? Very antisocial. 

It felt like a the rest of my classes, being the first day, I had no energy for my classes. It was early and I was still feeling so tired and lazy.

Normally, I listen to my teachers chat about the syllabus and what we’re going to do for the following weeks. Then, Professor Seslow had spoke about his own experiences. Hearing other people’s lives and what they go through is amazingly shocking.

I was so amaze when my professor had told me that he was deaf! I wouldn’t of known if I wasn’t told. His talks are so interesting and I love listening to what he has to say. It’s always something positive and never negative. I love this about this professor!

I don’t think I have been in a class like this before, where I was actually eager to learn and get things done. I never had taken a class like this using technology and I was open to paying attention.

The next week we had to do an assignment regarding ourselves and I had no idea what to talk about. Anyone that asks me about myself, I don’t really know what to say..

At the end, when  had found out what to say about myself, it felt good. I finally figured out what to say without putting too much or too little about myself.

After finally doing the assignment, I had time for me! I still had so much work to do but first I was like let me take a nap.

It isn’t a struggle for me to get up and want to go to this class since it is my first class on Thursdays. I like coming to this class and learning.

So, each class I come to, because missing one? You can miss a small step but it can be very important. I took this course because I do model for fun but might plan on making a portfolio for myself. I feel this class will help me to do so.