My Own Unique Website!

OMG, I just made my own website!!!

When I was younger I always wondered how people create websites. I always thought you had to be a part of an organization or have your own official brand. I find it very unique the way people design their websites. Every website I have ever visited is different but all share quick and accessible ways in finding any kind of information. For example, our school website. It has many different tabs, pictures, events, link to continue to find more information. With my website I want to provide a unique place where people (especially women) can be inspired.  My website is called

I am super excited! Who knew I could ever do this?  


Today in class I learned how to do a portrait gif using one of my favorite actress,  Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. She is so BEAUTIFUL!

Going through the process of creating this gif was a bit difficult and at time’s it got a little confusing. If you don’t save it a certain way or use the right tools it wont actually come out the way you expect it to be. But after the professor went over it a few time’s, you end up getting this gist of it. Its pretty cool! The amount of things you learn when it comes to art is incredible. I can finally tell someone that I made a gif and I know how to do it. It feels great, you should definitely try it! 


On September 20, 18 we learned to create a story by using the panoramic mode on our smart phone. Who knew we could so such thing!? I always used that panoramic mode to get a full picture of the things around me in just one shot. But I never thought of using the panoramic mode to get the same exact object on the left and right.

In my group we had many ideas of different ways to create a story. The first one we did was happy/cool and fight/hate. We had everyone get on the left side and just act cool and be happy with your friends while I was using my smartphone to capture the moment. Once I reached the center and everyone was out of sight, they ran behind me and pretended to hate each other and get into a fight. Then I proceeded to capture the moment. It came out pretty great. We had to do it several times to get it perfect.  The second one we decided to do a falling pyramid. This was pretty challenging but we were able to do it and it was fun. 

Memes are FUN!

Today I learned that memes are actually art. To be honest I never thought of it in that way. I always though it was something to make people laugh but not anything artistic. In class for my first time ever, I learned how to make a meme and it was pretty cool! I had the freedom to choose what I want and be able to express myself in a creative way “BRUH!! Where’s my food!?”
Haven’t we all had that moment where someone took your food or someone didn’t give you food and you get so mad to the point where you what to square up? lol

A few memes I find funny…

I find this meme hilarious and I can relate to this meme. Every time its my birthday and they sing “Happy Birthday.” I always have this awkward smile and my cheeks begin to hurt.

The ultimate struggle when working in a place you cant stand. When this happens to me my first thought is “I’m going to quite, Im going to die in here, I’m tired and want to sleep”