Text Portrait

I created this text portrait by using GIMP. It was fun and easy process. For this effect you need a black and white portrait with shadow on half of the face or you can convert color portrait into black and white. I got the steps to create this effect on youtube and here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suw8O406wk0

and if you want to use photoshop to create this effect you can watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj_iwNgv8aQ 

The man in the portrait is Chester Bennington, who recently passed away. He was a lead vocalist for the alternative-rock band called Linkin Park. I grew up listening to Linkin Park and most of you have probably came across their music at least once. The quote in this portrait is from one of their song called The Messenger. If you enjoy listening to alternative-rock, you should definitely check out Linkin Park.

The portrait i choose was in low resolution, so it will look better if you choose a high resolution image. Also the font i choose had jagged outline. It would look better if the font had smoother outlines.

Newhive Gif

Today i created a gif using Newhive. It’s really simple and doesn’t take that long to create one. You could make your own gif and add it to the background in Newhive  or you can simply download sticker from Giphy and add it your background image. After you have finished creating you gif you have to record the video using Quicktime player for about 4 sec and save it in the desktop. Then you have to open photoshop and export the video as a frame. You can delete some frame if you think it’s not important. It also lowers the size of the gif. After you are done editing you have to export as save for Web. You have to make sure that the width is 800px.

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New Website

In last class we learned to create a WordPress website. Even though we were having many technical difficulties, we were still able to create our own website. It’s really cool and exciting to have your own website which could also be used as portfolio. In my website i will be posting my blogs and design works such as gif, website, photo effects, tutorials e.t.c. I also want to learn to customize my website by using css and html.

My website is http://prakashsubba.com/ but it’s still under