Portrait of the Earth

A class that I have to take this semester is environmental science. In that class so far I learned about how the human population has impacted the earth, how fossil fuels and other renewable resources are on the decline and most recently how soil has been affected by pesticides and other harmful chemicals that have made it hard for crops to grow in certain regions.

As the world modernizes, one thing people have started do less of is using sustainable resources. In fact, I learned that there are more of industrial farming than there is of natural farming.

I could see how industrial farming may be better for people, but in reality it is not because now there is more air pollution, loss of crops, and deforestation. If people continue to build industrial factories, our farms are going to start to wither to a point where there are no.

I made my edit on how farms have changed from the past to the present. I hope you guys can see the effects, as I am still working on learning how to make portraits of images, like the ones we did in class.

Are Meme’s Art?

Millennials have done it again! This time it’s the Memes. Memes are a representation of communication. We use them when we answer a text message, start a conversation and or just sending them for fun. But are memes a form of art?

Art can be expressed in many ways because art is all about being creative. We can see creative art in paintings, dancing, music etc, but what about memes?

I think Memes should be considered art because it allows people to express their creativity through images that best describe how they are feeling. The best part about meme’s is that there is at least one meme that relates to what we are thinking.

Thanks to websites like Giphy and Imgur, they allow us to create memes that best describe a moment, like this one when Ryan said we were going to make memes in class.

My Reaction to CT 101

When my academic advisor first told me about the digital literacy course, I had very mixed feelings. All I could think about was that the course was going to rely heavily on writing essays that had to be creative and imaginative. In my opinion, I’m not the best writer, so I knew I would struggle in this course.

When Professor Ryan was going over the syllabus and highlighting some of the topics we were gonna cover in class, all I could think about was the type of writing assignments we were going to do. Then when Professor Ryan said there was going to be a lot of writing in this course, I felt like lying down on the ground like Jimmy Fallon. I was exhausted just by the thought of all the writing we were going to do.

I didn’t have any intentions of leaving the class because of how welcoming Professor Ryan was. The second day of class caught me off guard because instead of going over an essay prompt, our assignment was to make a gif. It caught me off guard because making a gif is a fun assignment. It was as an assignment that made me interested to make a lot more gifs other than the ones on this post.

Although there will be some hardcore written assignments, I really enjoy creating these blog posts because I get to write about my feelings, but also express my creativity through gifs and memes. My potentials in this class, is to hopefully become an expert on creating my own gifs, but also become a creative writer and develop an online identity so I could network with other people.

I look forward to all the fun class assignments that we will have, and I look forward to the next class.


Why Spongebob Makes Me Happy

Spongebob as we all know is a one of the best kids show on Nickelodeon. Generally I don’t wake up early on Sundays because, well its Sunday, a day to relax. Anyways, I woke up early, turned the tv on and flipped through the guide, to see that Nickelodeon is still airing Spongebob episodes and that too brand new ones.

A lot of nostalgic feelings came to me at 11am because it’s been a while since I saw an episode of Spongebob and laugh my heart out. All I could think about was the times where I would come back from school and just watch Spongebob and Patrick do the most ridiculous things for like 2 hours.

Spongebob makes me happy because it’s a funny show and now that I am older, I understand the jokes that Spongebob and the rest of the characters make. I enjoy that the show is humorous and can still entertain adults, even though it is a kids show. In my opinion Stephen Hillenburg did a great job with Spongebob because he was able to market the show, not just to kids, but to adults.

What also makes me happy is the memes! My favorite meme is the Spongebob mocking meme. I’ll always remember how much Krabby Patties meant to me when I was a kid and I believe that no matter how old you are, its good to relax and maybe watch an episode of Spongebob.