Vaporwave Project

My vaporwave image is the most random image I have ever made! My image consists of my favorite color as the background and I really like how all the images but the robot and the sun contrast with other colors on the images. My inspiration behind this post was based on all the cool images… Continue reading Vaporwave Project

Travel Around CT 101

Why travel the world when you can travel around the CT 101 Blog Posts. Today in class we took Vintage travel posters and used it to make a poster for our CT 101 class. My idea for this poster has to do with all the posts, I’ve seen so far. Each post that I have… Continue reading Travel Around CT 101

Check out Passion by PK

Today we made our own websites and I’m super excited to share some of my personal, yet funny moments! My website is called Passion by PK because I wanted to share the things that I am passionate about. Although the name of my website doesn’t sound as catchy, I just needed a name so far.… Continue reading Check out Passion by PK

GIF The Portrait Project

My experience with creating a GIF through photoshop was hard but exciting. I chose the image of Priyanka Chopra because I admire how diverse Priyanka is with the Bollywood and Hollywood film industry. I’ve watched all of Pryianka’s movies that she’s stared in Bollywood, and I used to watch Quantico. In order to complete this… Continue reading GIF The Portrait Project

CT101 Digital Storytelling