For my final class post I am going to explain the plan for this short time off I am going to be working on some projects that I have assigned myself they are all works around the cartoon character MEGA MAN he was a character I always liked as a kid, and still do. The […]

CT 137 final

I never knew that the Aurdino enough was powerful enough to put out a TV signal, but I was looking for a project that had some interest to me, I like video games and the was an inexpensive way to say I made a video game console.  For this project I choose the first commercial […]

Pope Julius aka “papa teribble”

For my Renaissance class i chose to speak about pope Julius ii, he was named the warrior pope, and was one of the greatest patrons of art he was responsible for the sistine chapel, as well as many of Raphael, Brammante, and other famous artist greatest works. My thesis was to highlight him as being […]

My alien paper

This was one of weirdest assignment I had to do, so the project was for my writing 301 class. We were given the option to choose what we wanted to write about for our final research paper I started out in a good place, but the more I dived into the subject matter I started […]

I didn’t know there were size limits

I found out that there is a size limit to what files I can upload to the site, this is a bummer, because I would like to post some more mixes directly to the site. This should not be the case even if this is a basic site, but I guess like everything free there […]

CT101 Digital Storytelling