CT is officially over

I cannot believe that this semester is over. I really thought it wold be long and dull, but to my surprise it went very quick and was very exciting. I learned a lot about what my computer and my smartphone could do. As well as what I could do and accomplish. I have done some things that I have said I wish I could do and now can, There are still some  things that I have yet to master but I am still trying them. When I entered this class I did not know what a GIF was, but thanks to this class I do and now know how to make one. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would have a blog, or even be blogging. Wow. I used to be the one asking people how to do this or that. Now they are asking me. I like that. I plan to keep my website/blog and continue after this class is over. I also plan on purchasing one later to showcase my cake decorating skills. I basically chose this major because I love photography and wanted to display my work within a web design and eventually work for me. I am not sure if i will utilize some of the techniques that we have learned in class, but if I choose too, at least I can do it.

Just as this photograph of my grandchild I would have never thought I could do this.

cb28559_created     Or even this one where I could pixelize the faces

idiots     I really did not know what to expect  when I selected this major,except that once I met Professor Smith, I knew he was the one I wanted to learn from. He has such a  mellow attitude and is so into this course. That I knew he would be a fantastic teacher. He takes the time that he needs to with his students, and he makes learn to use the right technological terms as well as putting it into terms that we would normally use so that we may understand him. All in all he a great teacher, teaching a great course. Getting back to my I still have now accomplished  all that I would like to do with it like plug ins, changing the settings and all sorts of other little things to make my site look great. For those of you who want to see my site here is the link:     http://eye-seeyou.com/

Communications Technology

When I decided to take this major, I had no idea what I was getting  myself into. At first I was all in, then I thought I bit off more than I could chew. But now that the semester is ending, I realized that I have gotten a lot out of this class. There are times when I feel as if I am not comprehending any of it, and then someone I know asks me a question about something there are trying to do on a computer and I find myself going on and on about to accomplish the task they are attempting. That is the time that I really realize that what I am learning is really sticking in my brain. Which makes me say I can do this. There was a time in my life when I was afraid to tackle anything that I did not understand on the computer other than just the basic stuff, but now I will try anything once. And it is so funny, cause a number of people (in my age group), say they do not need technology. But every time something comes up that involves technology weather it is for them or what they want to buy their grandchildren but not sure if it is age appropriate or what it is used for. And of course my response is: “You need to learn some technology.” I tell them you do not need to all that I am learning but you do need some of the basics, so that you can get these answers for yourself. But all in all it is okay cause I keep telling them: “People get paid for giving this information.” So get out your checkbook, cause you will soon be paying me.

Semester is Ending

I cannot believe that this semester is over, it went by much to quickly. But  at least I can say that I enjoyed it very much. Coming back to college late in life. I must admit I picked two classes that kept me very interested, in what I was studying. Not only were these classes interesting, but the professors kept them very entertaining. My communications technology professor has his own unique way of making the class interesting. And my astronomy professor is like a kid in the candy store, he is so hyped. That there is never a dull moment. And I must admit that I am very glad I did not listen to some students about these two professors, for me they were totally wrong about them. I would take another class with them anyday. So to both of them I say, thank you.

My mom an alien…No.

That moment when you thought your mom was just getting her hair done, and they put this thing (hair dryer) on her head and you realize that your mom is really an ALIEN.

That moment when you thought your mom was just getting her hair done, and they put this thing (hair dryer) on her head and you realize that your mom is really an ALIEN.