Dodging Copyright Issues

My mom got me a Canon (G7X Mark 2) camera, and I’ve proven that no job is too big or too small for my camera. My fiance and I enjoy documenting random moments in our lives, and because of that, our documented content ranges from quick deli stops to full-blown vacation mini movies. While creating the presentation of our stories, we need to mindful of a few copyright concerns before publishing.

According to the United States Copyright Office, copyright “is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. A specific issue that interests me is the monetization of videos on Youtube in exchange for money.

The monetization of a video requires that the material presented is, in fact, unique, policy-abiding, and is “advertisement-friendly”.  By policy-abiding, I mean that the content is allowed by law in the location which it is trying to be seen. For example, the song “Truffle Butter” by Nicki Minaj is banned in Germany. Meaning, that if I wanted an audience from Germany, I should not use Truffle Butter in my video, Otherwise, it wouldn’t be available to stream in that country.

When choosing a song for one of our many projects, Omar and I make sure that the audio files are eligible for monetization through the creator studio in Youtube. The creator studio tab is found near the sign-in icon on the top-right corner of the Youtube Webpage.

To assess the eligibility of a song, one should click on the create tab which is found on the left of the creator studio page. A list of popular songs pop-up, but one has the option to search for whichever song they’d like through the search bar on the right corner.


Once a song has been chosen, Youtube will provide the music policy on the song- which includes information regarding whether ads can be viewed or not, and if it is allowed worldwide.



Playing *MASH*

The widespread use of #tbt’s on social media has forced the magical fairy dust of nostalgia upon us. From old school hip-hop figures to colorful slinkys, my childhood is BACK!

I found the fortune teller version of myself back when people began to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. My curiosity always pushed me to wonder what, when, and how. A popular game for me at that time was MASH. It is as simple as a piece of paper and a writing utensil. The point of the game was to determine who would be my significant other, what career I would have, which city I would live in, and what car I would drive in the future. I enjoyed playing the game of MASH better than I liked playing anything else. I guess you could say, I’M A DREAMER.

When Ryan asked us to create a “mash-up” video, my brain traveled back in time to when I was six. Almost immediately, I thought of my forgotten vice- the game of MASH. I’m not sure how I connected my memories to this video, but while my memories took me back in time, I was inspired. And like I said, I don’t know how, but the cloud that my brain sits on landed on the idea of putting together a compilation of girl stupidity. Enjoy.

Animated Jellyfish Graffiti

Although I love the idea of understanding Photoshop, I can’t help but to have mini freak-outs while using this program of infinite possibilities.

People in my circle usually use photoshop to make their butts seem bigger, or to create inexpensive baby shower invitations.

I must admit, I wish I could use Photoshop for both, and more, but I’m too busy “freaking out”!

When Ryan asked us to create an animated graffiti post, I thought that it was a neat idea, who wouldn’t, right? But after the glamor set in, and I realized that I (I wish I could capitalize that i further) would have to create this out of nothing, I practically went into panic mode.

As any college student would, I recollected myself, and attempted-key word, to focus on the task. Of course, all of the different options, tabs, and scroll-down bars acted like a high school pep rally in my head. In respect to my existence, I steered into the safe zone when I decided to follow Ryan’s video tutorial.

This photo was taken by my fiancée at the Georgia Aquarium which is the largest aquarium on the Western Hemisphere. Last week my fiancée and I took a trip to Atlanta. Our main reason for travel was to help his grandmother move into her new home, but I was there to apply for a graduate program at Georgia State University. After our responsibilities were taken care of, we met at the aquarium for a date. The jellyfishes were his favorite, so I decided to use them.

While I am not religious, I must have prayed about four times when I realized that the assignment at hand wasn’t impossible as I had previously thought. However, I didn’t want to play with my luck, and decided to do a simple animation so that I didn’t look like this…

After speaking to Ryan about this post in class, I knew that I should not have been as scared as I was. Watching the eyes flicker on my jellyfish graffiti made me feel like an underachiever; it was sooooo basic

In light of my personal failure, I think that I want to give this assignment another try.

The question is, when?…


How I Feel About CT101 4 Weeks Later

On the first day of class, I was really nervous. I did not know what to expect!

nervous raven raven symone chewing gum

After Ryan introduced himself and explained his expectation from us, students, I immediately felt relief.

glee reactions sigh relief dreamy

As I reviewed the syllabus I thought to myself…

Uploading my first GIF I had a certain feeling of cool-ness…


As the weeks go by I am loving CT101 more and more. I am excited to see how much I progress in storytelling.


Growing up, I was a Disney child. I have probably watched every single film made even as a young adult. I thought it would be a nice gesture to take my younger cousin Josephine to see the Disney movie ‘Moana.’ She was very excited and so was I. We laughed and cried as we shared our popcorn and snacks but most of all we had an amazing time together. I decided to make a GIF using one of the many funny scenes from the film.

Below is a GIF made by using IMGUR:

Below is a video containing more funny clips that we enjoyed: