My vapor wave project

This vapor wave project was really fun to do. Being that it was my first time, the project looks a little cluttered to me but still has a lot of vibes. I added different elements that I thought were cool and fit into my mental mage of what vapor wave should be about.

I started working on new vapor wave projects so I probably will be posting more of those on this website soon.



So, I found myself playing around in photoshop like 4 days ago and somehow I made this animated album cover/whatever it really is. I didn’t think it would come out as I imagined, but the end product actually kind of exceeded my expectations. If you asked me how I was able to make this, I honestly couldn’t even tell you how because it was just a series of clicking random buttons on the keyboard and pressing random icons in photoshop.

The goal is to get really good at using photoshop and create cool content that actually looks professional and further my brand.



In other news, I finally put out a mostly finished song! It’s a remix of Amel Larrieux’s song “Get Up”. It was fun to make and kind of just flowed out of me during a very interesting spur of inspiration. Give it a listen if you’re into cool sounds and remixes and follow me on Instagram for more cool stuff.

Dance Dancing GIF by Sara Andreasson - Find & Share on GIPHY

Animated Portrait

Learning how to make this animated portrait/gif thingy was really cool. I already have tons of ideas of what I can make for my own personal projects.

For this assignment, I decided to do one of the most inspirational DJ/Producer to me, Kaytranada. His music has inspired me to really explore different types of music and really express myself through my sound. I plan on releasing some music that I have produced pretty soon so if you’re interested, make sure to check out my Instagram.


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Panorama project

To be honest, I didn’t even know androids had a panorama feature. But, now that I have this information I’m taking a panorama of everything.

I think it’s amazing how technology has advanced in these few short years and how many cool things we can do on our phones. Just 10 years ago we were using flip phones and now we have smart phones that could do almost anything.

This assignment was pretty cool. Getting to experiment with panorama for the first time and try out different poses and ideas was interesting.

After about 10 tries, we finally got something pretty cool.

Are Memes Art?

The internet… I can’t really explain it, but all I know is whoever invented the various types of crazy/weird content I’ve seen, really must have some time on their hands.

Memes are at the epicenter of modern culture. We relate to each other by sending memes, and sometimes this how  we show our affection for each other. Only the best memes goes to those who are closest to me.

The comedic genius in some of these memes really have me crying tears from laughing so much. Especially when memes are made from recent events that happen, it really is the funniest thing. Though sometimes the memes are insensitive and a little too early to joke about. I usually feel a little guilty for laughing so hard, but I just can’t help it

Nevertheless, along with bringing humor, memes also bring light to certain issues that occur in our society and makes you start to think about things that are going on. So I guess overall, memes are probably among the most important from of art for our generation.