Life is hectic right now!

I know finals are coming soon and if I am being honest, I really have not done anything towards studying or finishing projects.

It’s weird this semester. I have learned more than I have ever learned about different ways to create because of my classes. Overall, I have actually enjoyed 90% of my classes, I just don’t like to study or do homework all the time.

So the real question is, do grades really determine how much you have learned? And I can say the answer is… no they don’t.

Why does singing live scare me?

I honestly love to singing, dancing, making music, and overall just being creative. When it comes to dancing I have no problem entertaining a crowd and have them dance along with me. When it comes to making beats, I am sensitive about my music, but I’m not opposed to displaying them online and social media. But when I comes to singing…

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Idk it’s super weird because I actually really do love performing and being on stage, but I just can’t bring myself to sing in public.

I think I’m most afraid of making a fool of myself or sounding terrible and having people laugh at me. I psych myself out to much and my hands and voice get shaky.

This semester I have started forcing myself to perform in showcases so I can get over the fear. I think it’s low-key working, but I still don’t sound as good as I know I can be.

I’ll let you know how things go after my showcase tonight, wish me luck!

My Youth

I keep drawing these weird characters during class when I am actually supposed to be paying attention. In history class is where I got the most artwork done. It’s either I draw something or fall asleep, at least if I’m drawing I’ll be somewhat listening to the professors lecture.

I call this one “My Youth Is In My Sound.” This is apart of my personal brand. I plan on making shirts and hopefully selling them as merchandise associated to different music products.

Playing with Illustrator some more

Every time I use Illustrator now I find some new tool that makes it easier for me to create art. I wouldn’t call myself really proficient in Illustrator, but I can do enough to make something pretty cool.

This week I decided to draw my friend Sho Beats. He is a super cool producer so make sure to check out his work on Soundcloud

Overall I feel the sketched version is better than the illustrator drawing, but I’m still learning so I’m excited to continue working on different projects

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Olivia the rose

For my Thanksgiving, I couldn’t really focus on all the delicious food my family made because I was preoccupied. I started drawing a sketch/cartoon of myself so that I could have new cover art for not only my music, but also for my personal brand and other stuff. I never really attempted to draw myself before so it took all my imagination and a lot of snacks to finally get something going.

After like 3 tries I finally had something, and I figured why not work with illustrator and photoshop some more before this semester ends. And the end result was pretty cool.

I’m not done with it yet and I have a lot more designs I want to try out in photoshop. Make sure to follow me on my Instagram @Olivia.the.rose