Fan Made Trailers.

Wow. Just recently a fan made trailer came out and in this trailer he imagines what it would be like to have a Marvel vs DC film. The results have the internet a buzz. Some people thought it was real. But fan made trailers are becoming more and more common every day as technology grows. I think it’s pretty cool that this is going on. Thoughts? If you could request a fan made trailer of something you think would like not happen, what would you ask for?

Video Game Rage Quitters

In any and every format of video games, every single person has encountered or has been said person to pull a rage quit. Everyone has their own reason to rage quit right? Don’t like your opponent, rage quit on them. The team you are on in World of Warcraft isn’t listening to you and doing what they want, rage quit. You just got shot down in Call of Duty because the one person who had your back disappeared on a bathroom break? Whatever the reason we have all had it happen to us one way or another. But you have to admit that rage quits are hilarious sometimes.

Sharing Isn’t Always Caring

There’s a few things I have done that I am hesitant to share online. Like any original artwork I create either by drawing it or on the computer I get nervous about sharing because I don’t want some Johnny No Name to take it and claim it as there own. Of course I considered watermarking those kind of images but it is more so the fact that I would rather control who sees it and avoid all that will copy it. Who knows, maybe something I did exist in another variation elsewhere in the world. Old habits die hard when it comes to my personal stock. I have friends that share their work online constantly and that’s all well for them but I have yet to warm up to the idea