Another one

In this weeks DS106 assignments, I will be doing Short Story With Random Words And Animal(S). This assignment requires you to go to this website to generate 10 different words while choosing an animal and creating a story or poem out of those 10 words. Here goes nothing:

The Cow and His Bellyache

There was a lonely cow
Who went to the circus
Because he was a disbeliever of those crazy acrobats
An army of acrobats swung around and around
Breaking necks and arms
The lonely cow got hungry midway
So he decided to get something to eat
He bought a pineapple and ate it whole
Ten minutes later he had a massive bellyache
He thought it was because of how fast he ate
The pain started to get sharp and he got scared
He went to the potty and sat down what seems like forever
Turns out he just needed to poop
The end.

I didn’t even know how to end the story. Cows don’t even sit down to poop!

Would Like To Know How To Do This

Another part of our assignment for this week was to choose an assignment from DS106 and see what we would like to recreate but do not know how to. As i scrolled through the assignments under Animated GIF Assignments, I stumbled upon this assignment. It basically requires you to take a piece of art and try to make it come to life. An example that was given is shown below.


Credit Goes to this guy.

In the original painting the hands on the clocks do not move, and the guy who made this was able to make the hands move making the artwork more realistic!

DS106 First Assignment

This weeks assignment was to choose a DS106 assignment and try to recreate it. I chose this assignmment called Spalsh The Color which I had to basically choose a picture and use Color Splash to isolate one color from the picture while everything else was in a pure black and white color scale.

The original picture was this one.

Photo Feb 04, 9 29 05 PM

I then used Google to try to find a free website that would allow me to use Color Splash to try to isolate a color, in which I chose the strawberry from my birthday cake. The end result is shown in the picture below.

Photo Feb 04, 9 29 05 PM1

This looks pretty cool in my opinion, and was a great starting project to do! If you need help finding a DS106 assignment to do. I highly recommend this one especially since its so easy to do with this website.

Happy Happy Happy

We’re supposed to write about what made us happy this week. I have a list full of things that made me happy. Number one would be turning 22, and having it made it this far in my life is a huge accomplishment. Second would be my work closing down. Weird right? Not as bad as it seems. My work environment was OK. Despite the dramatic customers, dramatic ratchet manager, it is fine by me that my work place is finally closing.


No overtime, no raises were given despite the three years I was there and even after all of that the managers that were assigned to the store throughout the three years only seemed to make it worse. Let us not forget the fact that our break room was located under some stairs and the only light we had was from a table lamp.


Everything happens for a reason and although I will miss some of my coworkers, I am ecstatic that my job at this place is finally coming to an END!

Homework on the First Day

Homework on the first day got me like ….

This video snippet was created from WhatWouldLizzyvlog‘s channel. WhatWouldLizzyDo or WhatWouldLizzyVlog aka Lizzy, is a makeup “guru” who does lots of video tutorials. These tutorials consists of makeup tips, how to’s and even DIY’s. Once in a while she has inspirational videos for her viewers. Her crying face made it the perfect gif because she has that “ugly Kim K crying face” and I am pretty sure we all feel like this when we get homework the first day of class!