The End.

Finals are starting from this week. I have two test on 17th December. Its really scary. My expression is like this right now. I feels like my exams are starring at me like this mickey below. But the best part is winter break is coming.1 month break from school.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year in Advanced.

Its a halfway December, can not wait for Christmas Holiday Begins. Made a GIF with my all time Favorite Christmas movie and that is Home alone 2( Lost in New York City) My siblings and i every year we watch this movie in Christmas week i really love this movie.


After thanksgiving feels like finals are just here and days passes so fast. People get very excited after thanksgiving because its December and December means Christmas but suddenly realize that we still have to take finals before Christmas.

End is near.

Our Semester is about to finish within 2/3 weeks. Can’t imagine it goes so fast. But i must say this semester is very special for me because i took CT 101 class and it is a really fun class. i enjoyed a lot and also i learned so many things during the whole semester. Specially… Continue reading End is near.