GIF the Portrait Project- Jack Frost

Original Image of Jack Frost Photoshop-Hue/Saturation


Photoshop Filters

Create GIF using Giphy

During class, the steps of creating GIF is done with Photoshop and Giphy. First, is uploading a portrait image in Photoshop. I choose the fictional character Jack Frost from the movie Rise of the Guardians. The cold weather of autumn reminds me of winter is approaching soon, and that is when I recall my childhood crush of Jack Frost (he is a personification of winter). Also, Jack Frost came to mind since Frozen 2 is coming out this month and being that there are many fan fiction of the relationship between Elsa and Jack as both share the same ice power. After I upload the photo in Photoshop, I click the hue/saturation filter and then click colorize and experiment with the hue, saturation, and lightness. I made the image blue to represent winter (snow, ice, cold, etc.) and black and white as neutral colors. Next, I experiment with different Photoshop filters. Lastly, I upload and rearrange the filter images onto Giphy. Then, I reduce the duration to .01 seconds and add the glitch filter. I found this project to be enjoyable, particularly experimenting with the difference gallery filters on Photoshop.


Time to Move on to Something Better

Even though I liked our website at first, I wanted something more individualistic where I can publish my interests in an organize and customizable way.

           , I have to tell you that …

Finally, the moment arrived, creating our website using WordPress was exciting and simple. Honestly, I did not want to use anymore because now I have a website with a domain that has my name ( That sounds rather self-centered, so we will just call it self-love 😁.

If an assignment does not correspond to a topic of my website or is not a artistic project or not a opinion related question,  I will not post on my website, but rather on ct 101 website.

Other than that, I will mainly be using my website to post about my interests. For now, it will be based on greek mythology and astrology. Later, when I develop my website, I will like to add fashion/style, types of art, different culture beliefs/traditions, and some psychology and health science topics as well.

DS106 Projects That Intrigues Me

When scrolling through the DS 106 assignment bank, I felt overwhelmed by the choices to select for my two projects since there were numerous assignments in each category. For this assignment, I decided to choose my projects from two different media categories.

The first project I am capable of completing is called Design Your Superhero because it has a web tool generator that allows you to create a superhero based on your liking that is fast and easy. I choose this project because it reminds me of my love for heroic action as it gives many inspirations to become courageous and kind as well as having hope in the world (recalling my younger self). Even though it is fictional, it relates to many real-life heroes in many professions that save lives (each in their own way). Also, the project instructions grab my attention as it was the perfect project that fit my interest, as noted in my previous post. In regards to the importance of the skill acquired, I believe it is an unnecessary skill as its straightforward, and you are limited to creating superheroes without any additional features in developing the character. 

The second project I choose is called Combophoto. This project is more complicated than the first assignment as I will need to use editing software, which will take time in relearning/ learning new skills. Even though I do have some experience using Photoshop, I do need to revise my skills in combining the two photos to look seamlessly. This project will help improve my Photoshop skills, which is an important skill not just for artists and for personal use but also for any profession as it is a skill is in demand for some jobs. This skill can be useful in making extra cash by selling graphic designs and helps promote yourself through media. I choose this project as I find simple things interesting when they are created in something more complex or is reconstructed in a way that connects with each other. 


Are Memes Art ?

Memes like Art, Is Subjective

Memes are not the first type of art that comes to mind when we consider art compare to famous artworks in museums. However, it can be art as it is a form of self-expression. This is express through not just the words, images, or video but also in the layout such as the position, font, colors, etc. This allows the creator to demonstrate their thoughts and emotions in an easy, yet effective and relatable manner, which is one of the reasons why memes are so popular. Memes take only seconds to read, understand, share, and sometimes have a good laugh. Memes are art in which connects the creator or/and the audience through emotions.

Memes simplistic nature, allows anyone to become a “memer” in promoting one’s creativity. An effort isn’t needed for something to be classified as art. A person who effortlessly creates their work can be art to someone else. This is why art is subjective to the audience or/and the creator.

Therefore, art is in the eye of the beholder, which is why it is a controversial topic. Anything can be art, including memes as long as it evokes an emotion(s). A meme can affect each person differently as one can find it relatable or/and humorous while another doesn’t.  

These are some relatable college life memes I find relatable:












A Snapshot on My CT101 Impressions

CT 101 was my first class for this semester. I was excited to learn about what the course was about, but at the same time, waking up for a 10 am class was too early for me to leave my bed.

My resting in bed happily, until when my alarm rings.

Going over the syllabus in class and seeing  that I will be creating memes, gifs, a website, using adobe software and other programs.

      Literally nobody:

              Professor Seslow: Introduce Yourself

Then, the class starts “arguing” over liking/disliking chocolate ice cream.


Given the first assignment and just scrolling through Giphy because of the many options I could choose. As a result, it leads to a disaster of overthinking.


So far, I find the class enjoyable as I get the opportunity to use and display my creativity. I can’t wait to see what my colleagues and I will create next !