The real kanye

I grabbed an image from google I wanted it to be very simple so I thought it would be funny to do Kanye West.


I then proceeded and edited the image on the website “Triangulate.” It took a couple tries to really get it how I wanted because I wanted more of a blurred image rather then extremely distorted. I ended up with this result


Then, I used the app Ultra pop to play around with the colors I decided to change it to red just because I thought it would be funny.





The real kanye
The real Kanye

LAST! but not least I made a gif it took a little playing around with to get it to turn into a gif I used the app ImgPlay then I saved it as a gif emailed it to myself and uploaded it to Imgur. Once it uploaded I right click on the image and open it in a new tab just to I can copy the url and wont get the ugly IMGUR water mark because it makes me cringe. 

Hope you guys enjoy it!


I have finally decided what my domain name is going to be and * drum roll please* its going to be named “Mysteeez.” I have an attachment  towards that name for some reason to me it just represents sass and style. I am very much into fashion, especially shoes!! I want my blog to represent who I am and what I like. I came up with this domain name from a TV show and thats when I knew it was perfect for me.




I am posting this probably a little late but I have had a hectic week. Anyways, Hacking the panorama app was very interesting. We tried several locations around the school to try to be creative with the app. This includes a lot of running around and taking 10 shots before actually getting the shot you want. My pictures still aren’t perfect but I like the concept we tried literally like 100 times. My favorite one is the last one it came out the best!


After watching Beneath the Cobblestones, “A Domain of One’s Own” I learned why having a domain of your own is important. Number one reason why is because you create your own personal space. Creating a domain allows you to create whatever you want on your website. She talks about how blogging helped her get through a rough time in her life. I believe it’s a form of self expression. She also explains how google tracks everything and stores all of our information which we all already know but she talks about not limiting ourselves to google.