The final days

CT101 was a very interesting class for me. I had never taken a class that is based on making your own blog. I wish college courses were more like this rather then based on a syllabus where you memorize what you learn in order to pass. The most important thing to me in this class is it allows you to be yourself. We had the liberty of creating a blog and post whatever we wanted to. What I wish I had done differently is take blogging more serious or at least to not forget about my blog. It’s so easy to forget about my blog because I’m always so busy with other things in my life. Also, I originally wanted my blog to be a fashion blog but I felt that was way more time consuming. I opted for my blog to be personal. If I had the time to actually have a fashion blog I would of defiantly given it more time and thought. The assignments in our class were all pretty fun my favorite was making a gif. Gifs make everything a lot funnier and more relatable. I hope to continue using my blog not only for personal reasons but to also learn how to maintain a blog. I first want to learn how to keep up with a blog before starting a fashion blog because I want to be committed to posting. Blogging might look easy but you have put time and effort in it. I am happy the semester is over time to sleep!!

Failed at glitch art

I think I worked on this for quite some time I tried over and over again but I didn’t succeed. The hardest part was combining the moving images to the background of the man playing golf.  When I reached the part of using photo shop to cut all the repeated images I would get completely lost. I honestly think this was the hardest tutorial I have tried or maybe I just suck at photoshop. Anyways, I just wanted to show what I had worked on  it was saved as a draft maybe ill give it another try.



The real kanye

I grabbed an image from google I wanted it to be very simple so I thought it would be funny to do Kanye West.


I then proceeded and edited the image on the website “Triangulate.” It took a couple tries to really get it how I wanted because I wanted more of a blurred image rather then extremely distorted. I ended up with this result


Then, I used the app Ultra pop to play around with the colors I decided to change it to red just because I thought it would be funny.





The real kanye
The real Kanye

LAST! but not least I made a gif it took a little playing around with to get it to turn into a gif I used the app ImgPlay then I saved it as a gif emailed it to myself and uploaded it to Imgur. Once it uploaded I right click on the image and open it in a new tab just to I can copy the url and wont get the ugly IMGUR water mark because it makes me cringe. 

Hope you guys enjoy it!