Motivational Poster

Assignment: Motivational Poster

My mother once told me that a hungry woman is not a free women. What she meant was that she had been fasting all day and it was almost time to break there for she had not time or energy to focus on any words coming out of my mouth.

Angry ErzaWhich I absolutely understand because whenever I am slightly hungry I have less patience and tolerance for almost everyone and everything.

Activity for the Weekend…

I set myself on a quest this past weekend. The goal was to make one of my favorite Korean dishes that contained many nutritional and Beauty  benefits.

What is this dish? Kimchi

What is Kimchi? Kimchi is  Korea’s national dish. Kimchi is considered any kind of fermented vegetable. The more familiar version of kimchi is the cabbage version.

Being someone who likes to make my own foods especially if I am in love with the taste. I love Kimchi or at least the ones I have tasted. So I took on the challenge of making my own kimchi. With the help of my favorite chef on youtube Maangchi I collected the ingredients from Hmart ( a Korean grocery store) and went to work.

After watching How to make Traditional Kimchi Video a dozen times and buying all the ingredients mention in video and web site I set to work soaking then salting the Nappa Cabbage.


I ended up letting the cabbage salt over night and in the morning  prepared the porridge to dress the cabbage.

20160910_0926561Then I made the kimchi porridge which consisted of leeks, carrots, radish, green onion, puree onion, garlic and ginger and hot pepper flakes.

kimchi vegetables and porridge mix

And the result smelled so good. Cheated and ate a piece and put the rest away in the fridge for 2 days in a air tight container for the fermentation process.



After two days my kimchi came out a little on the salty side which works well with plain brown rice and bland mushroom soup. So over all I was very satisfied with my results.

Been There



Assignment: Picking a scene from a movie that you can relate too and make a Gif out of it.

I never knew you could make a gif out of youtube videos by just typing gif between “www.” and “youtube.” in the url bar.

Anyone with sisters can find this scene quite relatable. As an older sister my younger sisters always feel restricted by my advice and demands on what to do or not to do. And when they really mess up they know it and I know it. Hence the chase around the house with me yelling “why are you running if you didn’t do anything?!”

And as we are arguing and our temper are rising we tend to say things to each other that we don’t really mean just to hurt each others feelings.


but at the end of the day or week (however long it takes for us to calm down.) We are still sisters who appreciate one another.