The Mourning After the 2016 Elections

They say that there are 5 Stages of Grief that someone goes through after they experience a lost.

I went to bed thinking that there was no way that Trump would win the 2016 Presidential Elections. I still had faith in America to make the best decision for our countries next 4 years.

So you can imagine my shock when I woke up to my friend texting my things like “Shit he won.” “Oh my god it’s Trump.”



Donald Trump has been elected to the President of the United States of America.


The first reaction I experienced, was the one I have been experiencing for the longest time.



Yeah right. Stop kidding around.

So I verify the information by googling it. Cause Google is trust worthy. I end up proceeding quickly the next stage of grief.


Which of course is Anger. How on earth, in the year 2016 did America end up choosing Donald Trump to be the leader of this so called free world?!

I breezed past the bargaining part of the grief stage. The only thing I could have thinking of wish we had more  was more educated people in the parts of country that voted trump overwhelmingly.

I was a bit depressed. I almost didn’t go to my part time job. I was ready to crawl back into bed, pull the blanket over my head and go back to sleep. This is the part where play the Green day Song “Wake me up when September ends.” Except I would replace September with Trumps Presidency.

But at that point I found acceptance, albeit reluctantly. I accepted that Trump is going to be my president for the next 4 years. I also know that I can not see into the future. But I am ready to face it or what ever it might bring.

Or I could just make my way to Canada as soon as possible.



Why I am Going to Vote?

The last time I went to vote I remember there were many sections of the voting ballot and a lot of names I didn’t know. So I wanted to be prepared this time. So I googled who will be on my voting ballot this upcoming presidential election.

And I found this web page.


I entered my address hoping that this was safe and not a scam.


Then it took me to this place.


With the widespread fuss over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton being our only candidates to choose from, many Americans are feeling discouraged to bother voting.

But. And a BIG BUT, there are more than two people running for presidential office and there more people running in this election to enter into the Senate, the Congress, and the Judicial System who are voted in by us and not the electoral college.

So although I am not very confident in the 4 choices for president I see in my ballot I surely won’t neglect them

Presidential Candidates (Race #1)


If you live in New York and maybe in my district you may have to vote for the following people.

US Congressional District 3 (Race #2)


US Senator (NY) Race #3


New York Assembly District 33 (Race # 4)


New York Senate District 11 (Race# 5)


Justice of Supreme Court 11th Judicial District



New York Supreme Court Judicial District 11 (Race#7)


Phew! I know that is a lot of people to choose from and what is great about this site is that you can select and compare candidates. That way you can be briefed on who is who and what they stand for. And if their bio is not present. Well, then you can alway go ahead and google them.

My point is that when you are neglecting your right to vote for president of the US (who is actually voted by the electoral college) You miss out on voting for other people who can make a difference in our system of checks and balances. You if don’t want to vote for Hillary or Trump then there is are still Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

Will you vote?


Domain of My Own I Shall Call You…

I have had this name floating around in my head for the longest time to name a space of my own “ImagineerzStation”. Only because there are so many things I love creating or want to create. I thought it would be really cool to  have my own workshop, space, business, career or whatever that gave me a space to create things I dream of unlimited. So with that in mind, I thought of a cool name that kind of says that I am Engineering things born of my Imagination in this safe Space. And from that space, each creation will take off like a Hogwarts train.

Image result for hogwarts train gif

It was this one or Dreaming Dragons, but that could be a project for another time.

Image result for baby dragon gif

Disclaimer: No Copyright Intended. I did not create this gif nor did I film this scene. Warner Bros please do not sue me.

Amy Lee Surprises Watermelon farmers

watermelon4The pop star from Evanescence  Amy Lee surprised watermelon farmers over the weekend.

I downloaded the 7 day free trial of Photoshop (adobe). And with it I challenged my self to utilized the select and mask technique to cut out the model rather than erasing the back ground. I am still getting the hang of this but I think I did  a pretty good job of putting this pop princess out of place.

My First Time…

I am almost embarrassed to share this. I really want to. For the first time in my life I tried creating a Gif Through Photoshop. To be honest Photoshop is a pretty intimidating tool that I feel is best left in the hands of professionals. However throwing all caution to the wind I decide to take a tumblr post I made a while back and turn into a gif.