Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling projects you do.


This is one of the projects i really liked. My bag usually has everything i need to last me atleast 24hrs ( you never know what happens. lol) So my chomebook, notebook, pens, my phone/wallet, deodorant, lotion, keys, water, keys, battery pack, and most importantly my cosmetic bag.

To do some of the other projects i would need to learn more about how to use different websites and tools. I think another project i would be supper interested in doing would be a video project. These skills are important to learn because they will allow me to be a better storyteller and be able to tell stories from different points of view.

Your Doing It Wrong


I love seeing things like this because it reminds me of things we do when we first discover something for the first time. We often end up doing it the wrong way but we are confident in our actions. I am a really hardheaded person so this little kid would definitely be me, doing something that is wrong and i will be confident about it until I discover that its wrong rather than someone telling me its wrong.