Sup, been a while

Hey hey ct101 website, it me, Marvin. I haven’t posted here in a while, been busy with using my new blog site. Though I could stand do more there, I have been putting my newer stuff over there since we first made it. So if you’re every interested in seeing what I got there so far: Now you have a link! and here… Have a sneak peak at one of my zine pages.

I’ll catch you later

Whelp, I guess this it. The moment we have prepared for. Blog site time, a blog site representative of our image and brand. This feels like a bigger responsibility to me atm. But it’s fine it’s cool. I learned what I needed from the class website just fine. Anyways, new website: Join up if you dare. There will still be a great many gifs and memes, I promise.

Marvin’s CT101 Challenge Results

Well, What can I say about this? As it turns out, I found I had a lot of fun with the challenges. Even though the anaglyph-a-gif was easier, kind of, I found the trailer mashup more enjoyable for myself. All in all, I thought I’ve done a pretty good job on it.

To really begin this, I wanna start of with my process. Before I can begin editing, I first had to find some trailers I felt worked very well. Luckily, I found the movies ‘Us’ and the upcoming ‘Gemini Man’, worked really well. Remember when I said the two movies had at least one similar characteristic in their plots? Well it’s the fact they involve clones/doppelgängers. So really, it opened an opportunity for them to be really cohesive (spoilers… THEY DID)! So next step, I imported them into premiere pro. Before I actually added anything to the timeline, I decided to go through each scene in another work window on premiere to go through each scene, and just drag and drop specific scene(s) into the timeline. For the most part, I dropped down scenes from the ‘Us’ trailer to be the base. Next, I unlinked the video and audio the trailers. That way, I can crop out the ‘Us’ scenes and place in ones from ‘Gemini Man’ without removing the audio of the former. For the latter, when I dragged the scenes in, I dragged them in without audio, minus the ones where I added in ones where the characters spoke. I had to reorganize some scenes, rendered them, then exported resulting in the video below:

My second project was an anaglyph-a-gif, also from the ds106 repository. It’s probably my least favorite of the two. Now, in a lot of ways, this one was easier than the trailer mashup I guess, but I didn’t get much enjoyment out of it? I mean, it was cool, but I wish I could’ve done things differently. The true reason I didn’t like this challenge much was because the person who made the tutorials for it, didn’t finish them at all. He just sort of started it and then left things from where they were. Though it didn’t really stop me from completing it. After finishing it, I’m kinda left with this feeling that I could have done better, who knows. Anyways, here’s the final result.


My Two Projects

From the daily create, I have found two projects I think I’d like to work on the most. The first of which is to create a video mashup between two movies and essentially create a whole new one with a completely different plot. It’s the most challenging one I feel, so I might save it for last, however I feel confident in the fun it can bring.

Course, I’ll need photoshop and some type of video editing program like Adobe Premiere. Adobe Premiere is more than likely the tool I will need to use. Photoshop will probably be used for cropping somethings if possible. I’ll might even go for some variation in my work and try incorporating another movie clip or so, who knows.


My second project that, in technicality that I’m going to do first, is the 3D analglyph-a-gif challenge. It be a good first step in practicing how to animate a gif of some sort without to much complexity, maybe. I have done adding 3D effects on photoshop before on still images (btw, Photoshop will be used here). I’m feeling good about this one.

Are Meme’s Art (Marvin’s Thoughts)

Memes ARE a type of art. I totally think this. Sure, compared to the paintings you see in museums, they may not have much of that, uh, “higher taste” or “refined” nature that you would see, but they can be achieve the same purpose as those paintings.

They can be simple and portray relatable feelings of our day to day lives, they can be abstract and maybe appeal to a niche number of people. They can often times become iconic symbols for a generation of people, like most pop culture items can be categorized based on the year they originated and became synonymous with. If not that, they can be categorized based on the subculture or even the counter-culture that made them. Andy Warhol’s work defined an art style, memes is just something that was defined by the collective community as a way to express their feelings and beliefs, for better or for worse. You can even rate how good or bad they are like art, though with memes, thought I would empathize how much more subjective that is here.

All in all, memes are great. Sure, some can be low brow, or just not good. But that’s how the things we have work. You think every abstract painting is good cause it’s abstract? No (even thought I’m no good at interpreting abstract art). And you know what? Ct101 will be fun for letting me make memes.