Ayyyye I got a Website :D

Well today (10/5/17) in class  I registered my own domain name and created my own website. 😀

Its still in the works under construction as there is a lot of work to be done with the customization features on offer but Im looking into what can i do with my coding skills and this website.

What kind of things am i  able to build or do with this kind of opportunity.

link to my website:


There nothing on it yet just a bunch of default banners and settings but there will be more on it in the future. 😛

-Michael Ramoutar

My first Photoshop Gif :D

Here is one of the GiF`s i made in class  on 9/14/17 yeah i know  its late 🙁

Well making this gif in photoshop was new to me but the process is relatively straight forward. It is much more better than using websites like giphy due to the fact that in photoshop you are given a huge amount of more creative freedom resulting in much more creative gifs.

p.s. i know my gif isnt that creative but it plays the pics in reverse order in the middle of the animation

-Michael Ramoutar

What makes me happy part 2: The seeing all your hard work pay off

Hi there so i decided to make a second what makes me happy post.

So basically what Ive been doing the whole month so far is this

This is some of the many lines of code me and several others are writing

So yeah basically ive been coding alot during this month . i have been writing code along with a few other coders to develop a newer version of a mod for Doom now i have been also given the opportunity to create my own level .

Now this is not my level but you can obviously get the idea of what im doing

So what does this have to do with me being happy?

Well……. im getting payed obviously 😀

But its not about the money .. for now 😉

Its mostly for the opportunity to work with a community of moders that create mods for a game that will soon be 25 years old. Also every since i wanted to become a computer scientist i was always curious how a game is made. How does one create a virtual interactive world on a computer? well some of those question where answered with my time working on this project. Making a game is actually top 3 most difficult things to do as a programmer and it is true  there is so much work that goes into a game people usually take it for granted. Now as i was coding for this project it was a difficult task and very stressful ive lost days of sleep and hours of time where i could work on my school work (which i am behind on but catching up now) But seeing my work actually ..well work is amazing seeing my hard work pay off and come to life is one of the greatest feeling ever. What will make me more happier? people enjoying the work that me and others have been doing on this mod when it releases this Chrismas.

Thanks for reading 😀

-Michael Ramoutar