My Website

Thanks to this class, I created my own website and now have a digital space to post my random thoughts and class work.  I am a Journalism major and most of my posts will center around various news stories that I am covering and things that I find interesting.  I have also added the work that I’ve done in this class to it as well.  I will probably end up maintaining my website for a while, as it will be a pretty good growing portfolio of my work for now and the future.

“Cross CUNY Campus/Course Collaborative ZINE”

This is my contribution to the Zine project.  The text blurb in the photo pretty much sums up my vision for it.  However, vision is different than execution sometimes.  It is pretty difficult to make what’s in your head transfer to the screen or page, and Photoshop is not an easy program for beginners.  Either way, I am very happy that I got it finished and was able to express myself artistically – for the most part.

Propaganda Poster

So this week, we were tasked with editing an old propaganda poster and putting our own spin on it – much harder than it sounds, trust me.   I selected one from WWII and decided to motivate my fellow Cardinals to stay strong and dedicated as we come close to the end of this semester:

Here is the original:

The main issues came in reworking the text while keeping the background colors the same.  After much trial and error, the finished product is okay by my own standards, though I know with more time and practice, my work will get better and better!

Calamity (Character post)

BLAM!!! This is “Calamity.”


She’s a fierce and horrible person, yet I can’t seem to escape her.  She makes her place in my life well known, as I am a known klutz.  Any accidents that happen?  Calamity.  Any random weird event that somehow ends in minor bodily injury?  Yup, that’s her too!  It’s gotten so real, that even my wife jokes that she is the 2nd female in our relationship.  Calamity and I go waaaaay back, just ask all the broken bones I’ve had.  Here’s a little token of her affection: