Creating My Own Website

so last week in CT101 class we created our own websites where would be posting our work on it. The process to making it was pretty straight forward, sign up create a URL and etc.

The only thing that took pretty long was to wait for the conformation email from the company so we can officially have our websites, it took roughly 10 to 15 minutes. kept refreshing my page until finally we finally got it and we were on our way.

Right now there isn’t a lot of stuff on my website yet, still have to finish customizing it to make it in the image i want it to be. I can’t wait to get started on it and i hope you guys take this course are enjoying it too.

here a link to my website just to see the process i am making…….

The Portrait Project

So i’m guessing every one had this feeling before…… you finally turn 21 and you are officially old enough to do what you want in your city. Yours friends say hey bro lets go out to the bar, we about to have some drinks and you know damn well you never before in your life so just to look cool in front of them so go. You finally get there and every one is ordering different drinks you don’t even know one so you choose anything and it the strongest drink they have you have one sip of it and everyone thinks you had about 10 drinks but your still on the same one and your already gone LOL.