Grand Closing

Digital Storytelling has brought me a long way. Coming into the class Ive only used WordPress as a site to post homework. After this class Ive learned that WordPress is way MORE intricate than what I previously thought. I’ve gained an understanding of blogging and just creating digitally.

Reclaim hosting was another big learning point for myself. I never knew how hosting servers worked until this class. I now have a basic understanding to some level of what hosting sites provide for users. I now control a portion of the web because of reclaim hosting. All in all, this course was insightful.

The Last Few Weeks

Its coming down to the final stretch of the semester and its really overwhelming being that this is my final semester. I find that all the class that I’ve taken has given me an idea of what I’m skilled at. The question so to be asked is whats next? Im a little scared because this potentially can be a new chapter in my life. All my life I’ve been in school, to possibly be finish with school and not have a career is nerve-racking. Hopefully I given a chance to make something of myself. We’ll see what happens…

Ironing the last kinks

I feel like I’ve been running circles while creating my website. Every time that I find a way to resolve a problem another problem would arise. For example, when I chose my background image I didn’t account for the color of the text header. The text could not been seen due to the color resemblance with the image. I then, had to change the text header color to a more visible color. Resolving issues like so, brought me closer to believing my site is ready.

What page?

There were several decision made for how many pages I wanted. I started out with home, about, music and gallery. Then I finalized the pages to about, music and gallery. I eliminated the “home” page because I felt it was redundant to have one. Using the about as my homepage made more sense to the flow of the website.

For the about page, I had trouble preventing the page to look like a post. It turned out, that I needed to go into the customization of the theme and turn the “static front page” on. This eliminated so much problems of my homepage not appearing as a homepage.

For my music page, I dealt with issues discussed in my previous post.

Lastly my gallery page was the very first page that I created. I was struggling to find a way to display my work. So I researched and discovered plugins. First, you’d add a new plugin. Then search for plugin that you would need, in my case, it was a gallery plugin. This is where I found the Modula plugin. This plugin aided the presentation aesthetic by giving a nice tiling feature.