Final Blog Post

When I first signed up for the class I had no idea what is this class about. After showing up for the first day, I was so glad I took this class. CT101 class is the highlight of my week. All the other classes I am always stressing but when it’s Thursday, I release all my stress in this class.

I love memes, they make me happy and when I am in this class, I am happy because I deal with memes mostly.

This is the first meme I made in this class and I was super excited!


After that, I learned how to make GIFS!!!!!! Oh God I am obsessed with gifs now, I can’t stop making gifs.

I was also able to create my own website and I chose to make it a meme page, where I post all the memes and gifs I make. When you go to you can check out all the posts I made so far. I hope it will bring a smile on your face.

Besides learning the gifs I also did a ZINE project. The project was  very fun collaborative work to be a part of. As it is a Holiday season, I tried making it Christmasy.

For my first picture I chose a dark snowy night theme because  it’s winter time and then I added a Santa riding a reindeer.  I also added a Christmas tree and then gifts under it.

I really enjoyed being in the class, It was nice to have a break from other classes and enjoy something I like to do and still get the credit for it. I finished all the works that was assigned in the calendar but I believe I would get an A- because I missed three days of class straight due to some personal issue. This is where I kind of fell behind everyone but thanks to Vincent who helped me finish all my assigned task. I annoyed him so much!!!

I will still like to continue working on my website even after the semester is over. This is something I enjoy doing, it distracts me from stress, all the sadness and issues going on. I also hope I can share a good laugh with someone who sees my posts.

Throw back Thursday

I woke up before the alarm and thought I missed my 1st class but luckily I didn’t

As I woke up early I had time to make myself some breakfast before class.

I was all ready to learn new things in CT101. My friend took this class before and she told me it was very interesting.

I met Prof. Seslaw, he is very cool!

I don’t know why all the fun classes ends really fast but when you are in a boring class time NEVER passes!! After that I had psychology, it was 2 hr 50 min class and I was so bored.

After class ended I met my friends and went out to watch a movie


We watched “IT” and we couldn’t stop laughing because it wasn’t scary at all


What makes me happy on the Internet?

Able to connect with my friends and family members from overseas through social media makes me happy.

On social media for example, Facebook , Instagram almost 99% of my family members/ friends are active and I get to know how their day been, what are they upto, what is going on their life.

Image result for talking on facetime


Image result for friends pictures

Image result for pictures with friends

Memes and funny videos on internet also makes me so happy, I get to laugh and share them with my friends.

Image result for memes the office


Image result for memes the office