Assignment #9 [Final Blog Post]

I’m honestly happy that I made communication technology as my minor. I say this is because CT 101 is probably my favorite class I’ve took since I started college. I felt a bit uneasy at first, being that I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with my life, but after this semester I feel more confident about myself and my goals. Despite the sudden lock-down, I had the most fun this semester out of my now 2 years of college with this semester being my most favorite so far. I’m also happy to say I can confidently say that I deserve an A+ in this class.

Throughout the class I learned how to do fun stuff like make memes, Gifs, and how to use Photoshop but also about the in’s and out’s of making a website and how it works. Most importantly we learned about how these skills overlap and can help a person create a business based on a passion they may have.

For the first few weeks of class we kept things simple and made some memes and Gifs,with these being some of my first. Animated GIFLooking back I can really see how much better I’ve gotten at this. I now have some “contrast” between my work, which is something important that our professor taught us. Something that surprised me actually is that I like making Gifs more than I do making memes, despite the fact that I enjoy memes more than I do Gifs. I guess it’s just me being my weird self. Doesn’t really matter though because I’ve gotten so much better at doing both that I started making some for my friends and send them in group chats all the time now. This is one I made for one of my friends, who likes “The Joker”, for her birthday as sorta of an inside joke.

Animated GIF

Me Pulling up to the Chat with Memes/Gifs:

Animated GIF Animated GIF

When the time came for us to make our website I was again uneasy but excited nonetheless because I knew I could do it so long as I toke my time with it. I first had to register a domain name,which was the easy part. Customizing it however was the most complicated and time consuming part. But it was the most fun. After hours of figuring out what does what on my website I finally have a layout that I am happy with.

My Website

I don’t really have anything up there up because I’ve been busying with my other assignments. But I do wanna use it as a medium of sorts for my interests, including voice acting. The first thing I’m planning on doing is a sort of dub for this image I photoshopped that I already put on my website as a post.

If this seems familiar that’s because it should. Its a scene from “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” but with Vegeta’s and Bulla’s face where Mr. Moseby’s and London’s face should be. I planning on doing a voice over of this scene with these characters. But before I do that I gotta get more comfortable with my website, which I’m planning on keeping and working on as much as I can.

Overall I think that this is an amazing class that helped me learn about myself. I also really liked how the class was structured.  I liked how I could go always go back and change things or improve on things if I wanted as well as the fact that it didn’t really feel like work. I had fun figuring out the little things that made my posts, website, Photoshop skills, etc. even better. A perfect example of this is the panoramic picture I toke with my group. It toke a while but we were able to figure it out and make it look good.

Even when I was making this post I figured out some things I didn’t know before that will help me with my own website. I am definitely going to recommend this class to my friends or anyone who is looking for fun class that can help them with a passion of theirs.

Me Missing CT 101:

Animated GIF Animated GIF

Me Sad That I have to Move On:

Animated GIF Animated GIF

Me Excited About My Future:

Animated GIF


Assignment #7 [Coronavirus]

I honestly don’t know how to feel about this whole corona virus pandemic. I’m the type of person that prefers to look on the brighter side of things and kind of like appreciate things as they are. But this pandemic just made everything terrible. It made everything inconvenient and dysfunctional. For me personally I hate it because I actually felt like I was actually starting to get my life together, I had even got into the NSLS (National Society of Leadership and Success) program here at York. But because of everything that has been happening I can’t really focus on that and keep up with my classes at the same time. So it looks like I’m gonna have to drop out of that so that I have enough time to just be me and so that I don’t stress myself out. I’m OK with this though because I know that isn’t the end and I don’t want to rush anything and possibly make a mistake. I wanna take my time to figure things out. I don’t wanna just do things for a grade anymore or anything like that. That’s why I switched my major from Computer Science to Theater and my minor to Communications Technology. Overall this is a really bad situation we’re in but it’s not the end.

On the bright side I have more time to catch up on all of my video games and shows that I didn’t have time for before.

Avoiding Coronavirus:

Animated GIF

If We Only Knew:


Assignment #6 [Copyright Conversation]

The video that I watched that related to copyright was “Everything is a Remix”. I specifically watched the star wars one simply because of the fact that I am a complete nerd in every single way. After watching it I completely related to it. To sum up everything that was in the video, it talks about the idea that everything we do or make, as a society, affects us, as individuals, in a way that inspires us to make something “new”. I say “new” in quotations because in my opinion it is hard to  create something that is 100% new and original. I also personally think that new and original ideas are often accidents in the sense that they are completely spontaneous and cannot be forced. This is something that I see a lot of as a nerd and is something that I talk about with friends. Another thing of note that I realized and something that was reinforced after I watched the video is that two or more people can have the same general idea but can take that idea in different directions. Here are some examples:

Image result for spider man 2099 Image result for batman beyond

On the the left is a picture of “Spider-Man 2099″(Marvel) and the right is “Batman Beyond”(DC). These characters are similar in the fact that they both a future variant version of Spider-Man and Batman respectively. Although both these characters are very similar at first glance in both concept and design, Marvel comics and DC comics didn’t intend this at all and both comic book publishers gave their character unique abilities and a unique origin in order to stand out amongst a wide variety of super heroes and villains.

Image result for goku Image result for superman

On the left is Goku from “Dragon Ball” created by Akira Toriyama on the right is Superman from DC comics. Both are all powerful heroes. Both are one of the only remaining remaining survivors of the alien planet which was destroyed. Both landed on earth as a baby in a space pod. Both care deeply for their remaining family and friends. However one noticeable difference between the two is that Superman has a secret identity and must balance his two lives while Goku isn’t afraid to show people what he’s capable of so long as he can make friends with them after.

Image result for thanos with gauntlet                Image result for darkseid

On the left is Thanos(Marvel comics) and on the right is Darkseid(DC comics). Both are super villains who are insane and have gone mad with power. Both have massive armies behind them. Both are extremely ruthless. However, in the comics, Thanos seeks universal destruction to prove himself to the literal embodiment of death, Lady Death, and win her affection while Darkseid seeks universal domination and control by any means necessary.

Assignment #5 [Panoramic Picture]

This is the panoramic picture that I took with my group. It took a bit of time because we were trying to figure out what we could do in the amount of time we had, which in hindsight wasn’t that much. We made several attempts at making a panoramic shot with the one above being the only real good. The other pictures we took weren’t as good. In the other pictures it looked like some of us were missing limbs or had an extra long face and neck. However we decided that this one was the best and to upload this to the class website. This was a very fun experience in my opinion and reminded me of when I was in middle school and my friends and I would mess around with panoramic mode just to see what would happen. This experience also made me realize how much time and effort goes into photography.

Seeing First Attempts at a Panoramic Shot

Animated GIF

Seeing the Best One

Animated GIF