She’s bold, she’s passionate, and she’s as close to invincible as anyone can ever get. She evidently has two sides to her and both are unapologetically and vibrantly shown. Her name is simply: woman. She is so powerful that she can simultaneously be in all of us. Some, show a small peak of her and others vibrantly show her characteristics.

Wake her up; she’ll make you as fearless as you’ve ever dreamed to be.



Week #4

I’ve chosen the Visual assignment as well as the design one. To do these I think I’d simply need to use Photoshop. I think that we should have two or three of each of these projects in class this semester. The design one especially looks like a very good way to motivate people to be creative and that’s why I think these are good and important projects.

The Gif Portrait Project

This week, we learned to make animated GIF’s from headshot photos we found online. This project was especially hard compared to the ones we’ve had in class so far simply because it required more Photoshop steps. As a first-time Photoshop user, it was hard for me to get the hang of things and remember the steps. I would often get left behind during the steps but thankfully, I caught up. Here is the animated GIF I created:

All About Memes

Memes are so IMPORTANT! I probably use them more than I even need to.

There is a meme for any and every situation. Sometimes, I find memes and I’m like “Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who did this!!” but then I see so many people sharing the same things and it just opens up a world of people who feel like I do. It’s crazy. I love the internet.

Not to mention that the best part is: Since I speak multiple languages… I GET TO ENJOY MORE MEMES!

Here are some of my favorite memes:

(Warning: I have a very weird sense of humor)


And here are some of my very own memes I created in class: