Corona Scare

Upon my thoughts of the recent pandemic that has plagued our nation and other nations as well, the first thing I thought about whenever I heard about the Corona Virus was the apocalypse was near. My mind leans to this thought because as old horror movies would demonstrate of a deadly disease, there would always be signs leading towards the end of the world.

At first, when I thought about it, it was all for jokes as I believed in my heart the virus was serious but a minor thing. I prayed in my heart it would simply go away in the next few weeks or so when it was not such a big thing. However, sadly for me, I was mistaken as the virus not only spread to major regions of the world but it has stolen many lives of others and yet we still do not have a cure to stop it.

As of right now, it seems as those some people who have the disease that is safely quarantining themselves inside their house seem to be recovering back to their normal health, yet that is not the case for everyone. Some individuals get the virus worse than others, especially elderly people and those who have respiratory/health problems.

While the nation counts this to be a state of emergency, they are warning everyone to STAY INSIDE THEIR HOMES to prevent the spread of the virus. The idea of staying inside frustrates me the most because lately it has been gorgeous outside and knowing myself, I love going outside on beautiful days. In addition, upon the type of job that I am working at currently, I have access to go outside without the precondition of getting fined or being in trouble with the law.

Despite the unfortunate cases, the virus has done to families, friends, people’s employment and much more, it really impacts my school semester severely for one of two major reasons. The first reason is since the virus is considered to be a state of an emergency pandemic, schools, as well as major businesses and facilities, have been closed on behalf of safety reasons.

So for school, I am pretty much receiving online lectures for all my classes and having assignments due left and right because of the transition schools’ had to take to commence online learning. For me, it is a whole new system that I am not familiar with and it just too tedious to understand altogether. My second reason as to how the virus has impacted my school semester is because this is my last semester before a graduate in May and I am afraid that I will have to repeat the semester due to the virus. Also, graduation may or may not be postponed because of it. As for someone who would put themselves in my shoes, this would not be something I would imagine my last semester of college/graduation would be like. For now, all I can do is just pray that things will get extremely better by the next month or so.

Lastly, for my thoughts about moving forward with CT101 online as an entity, I have no worries whatsoever as Professor Ryan makes it easy and flexible for my classmates and me to understand and do the assignments efficiently. This class is the least of my worries as I believe I can still excel in this class while it being entirely online. Moreover, this class was relatively an online class, to begin with, so I have no problems with it being online now. As a result, I hope everyone stays safe in this crisis and we can continue to excel in the future.

CopyRight Laws

For this week of CT101, I was able to learn and analyze the laws of copyright and how people are affected by the law if they use it without permission. The rights of copyrights seem to be a slippery slope as they are some loopholes on how people can take a sample of a particular work whether it is from a song, video, writing piece, and much more.

In some cases, the samples that are used by others and not the original owners are mostly edited within a platform that this other person is using it for. Sometimes people could give credit to the owners but that is not the case all the time.

Additionally, some people have faced a lawsuit in which the owner believes that another person violated/copy their work without permission and they should receive the profit of the money and attention that the person is receiving for their work. However, one interesting fact I did not know about copyright was the ten-year condition in which after ten years that an artist or an individual release their work, it is free to use for the public domain. It is open to others to “sample” their work to make their own creation and materials. Then again, this ten-year condition has loopholes around them as well.

One factor that remains true amongst the information and videos I seen from the class lesson was that every piece of work is a sample, recreation, and manufacture before an individual released it. No work is really original and each person must copy others to make their creation.

Lastly, I learn even more factors of copyright laws after watching this video about fanfiction in which I thought was very interesting to watch.

2 LIT 2 Quit!!!

Amongst this week of CT101, I was granted the opportunity to create a story by using the panoramic feature on our smartphones in the camera’s preferences. Honestly, at first, I was not too excited about taking and posing for a panoramic picture since I believe panorama, to be a very wide photo that a person would have to increase the size of to analyze who and what is happening the photo. I honestly thought it was an unnecessary feature that I could do without being a part of or experience in my life.

Although, as my professor assigned my class into small groups, my group decided to go outside to take our photo. Once I was outside, I instantly began to develop different ideas that we could do to take a photo and make it look as cool as possible. So much a person who did not care too much about this feature. Am I right?

Anyway, as my group and I was thinking of ideas of where to take the picture and have enough time to run behind the cameraman while posing for the other side of the picture; my group and I were coming up with different concepts of what our photo would be about.  We discussed concepts like being the “rebels” or “the outsiders” of the school and came up/borrowed title names like “2 Cool 4 Skool,” “2 lit 2 Quit,” and many more.

Overall, the experience with working with the panoramic feature was much more fun than what I intended it to be and for that, I am so shocked.  Maybe for future references, I will use the feature panorama more often to have a new sense of style and appropriation when it comes to photos.

Are Memes Art? Assignment #4

I undoubtedly believe memes are art in every way, shape, and form. They are a form of expression in which a person does not have to say anything about how they feel in order for people to understand them. Although memes could be perceived as minor edits that are made for laughter, all art does not have a significant meaning or prompt for it to be considered art. Art comes in many forms and I highly believe that they are not any specific category that art follows. In addition, I feel like it is a good thing that memes exist because it helps bring people together in relatable topics and subjects. Many of the times, people who laugh at memes can sympathize with the subject as it has happened to them or someone they know and it makes it more humorous when they could share it with others who relate to it as well.

Furthermore, memes are a reflection of self-expression and communication as people do not really have to speak with one another to communicate; yet they can literally send memes to each other and it can be considered a conversation. As for self-expression, many memes that are on the internet are created by individuals who feel a specific way and share it with others in hopes that other people can relate to the same feeling. Many times, memes are a good way to connect with new people and have effective communication.

(CT101 MEME)

Flexibility in Digital Storytelling Project Assignment #4


As for my project for CT101, one image that I have found in DS106 was

This image has inspired me because I have always wanted to know how to integrate multicolor design amongst a single image or a piece of art. I believe it makes an image more exciting and interesting that way since it will be viewed in multicolor. I also believe that is it possible for me to mimic this piece of art as I have some knowledge of photoshop to do something like this. In addition, I assume the tools that I would need to know and advance in to create an image like this is to be knowledgable in photoshop as I could manipulate the picture to be colorful than it already is. By learning this skill, I will try to incorporate these skills into all my assignments to have a unique flow to my projects. In addition, I think it is a useful tool to learn for a person because if they want to incorporate colors to an image that may or may not have color, they can create something new that a person as not witness beforehand with this skill.


Additionally, I believe the knowledge I would have to know overall to help me do my project are what are the proper steps and software I would have to use to make my own wonderful creations? Also, I would really have to be patient while learning the art of editing, photoshop, and video work as they are not easy skills to learn and it requires a lot of patience and time to master them.


Moreover, on the lines of the number of times I should do these types of assignments, I assume is as much as possible in order to be comfortable with them. So, I truly believe that I think I should do these types of assignments every week to be familiar with the skills I want to know as well as storytelling and learning new tools. I firmly agree that the more I do it the less time I would feel stuck and feel comfortable with those techniques. I consider these skills to be extremely important because they help tell a story with visual representation and it makes the story feel real for the audience who are viewing them. I feel like it is an essentially important ability that can be useful to people who can incorporate it anywhere that they see fit.