farewell ct 101

The first day that i stepped into my ct101 class, i knew that this class would be pretty much awesome. I feel that the point of the class was to make us learn the perspective of an author and learn that behind anything there will always be a story embedded. Now when talking about maintaining my personal website , i do intend to keep it and the reason  behind it is that i have gotten to the habit of expressing my thoughts on a blog post . i want the audience to know about any creativity out there ,maybe inspiring or not,but contributing to the pot of art is something i do intend on doing. anyways guys ,farewell ct101

Showing off my work!!!!!

Last week thursday , i participated in a gallery where my CT137 class were showing off our final projects to the school. My partners and i created a shirt that lights up every time i move and it took us a lot of time to create it . A lot of people asked us questions and i was pleased with the nice comments they gave us. i can’t wait to get more into Arduino and create more creative things.

what an amazing accomplishment!!!..

I have currently joined a soccer league association and i have played a couple of games so far. My performance has surprised  my coach and my team mates and i hope my skills become better. last week i performed my best soccer game ever ,because i made amazing goals that i never knew i could make . I can’t wait to see where my skills stand in the future

keeping up your work out habits!!!!!!

working out is good ,but have you ever felt a sudden feeling of laziness and you end up skipping your work out day you have planned. It’s always good to workout ,because your body will feel good and you will develop a good sense of yourself. I read an article called “the importance of working out with consistency” and you will find the article at http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/fitness/exercises/the-importance-of-working-out-with-consistency.html#b . The article elaborates on the importance of working out with consistency and how that benefits you.

Working out with consistency will enhance your strength and your energy level will increase. Working out is a good thing!!!!!!

how a mother’s love affects children……

It has been said that when children receive a tremendous amount of love from their mothers when they are growing up ,in fact benefits them. Children that receive a tremendous amount of motherly love growing are impacted mentally . I read an article called “How a mother’s love changes a child’s brain” and you will find that article at http://www.livescience.com/18196-maternal-support-child-brain.html . The article elaborated on how a child’s  performance is determined by how much motherly love they had received  growing up.

Children with amazing memory and the ability to deal with stress perfectly ,in fact are linked to having a large amount of motherly love. Studies have shown that children having a large hippocampus ,in fact had more motherly love than the children with a small hippocampus. So mothers out there,now you know what to do to get a smart child.