GIF Portrait

This week, I really enjoyed creating an animated GIF through using photoshop.  I decided to use a portrait of Kevin Garnett, because he is one of my favorite all-time basketball players.  Since Kevin Garnett played for my favorite team, the Celtics, for a while, I decided to use change his face in the different frames of the GIF to different shades of green to show some Celtic pride.

After that, I decided to just play around with GIFs and photoshop and I decided to make one of myself.

Making Memes (and Memes I like)

I decided to make a  meme out of Deadpool. I knew as soon as I googled him, I would find a good image to make a meme out of (this one took about 10 seconds to find). Deadpool is one of my favorite fictional characters (I have a Deadpool tattoo on my arm) and I know that he is usually very memeable (I don’t think that is a word, but it should be). I enjoyed making this meme especially because while this is the first meme I’ve made, I have used photoshop before.

PLUS – A few of my favorite memes

This is a combination of two of my favorite memes that are currently going around. There has been some back and forth between rappers Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem lately, which has resulted in a lot of memes. Another current meme trend is “believe in something” memes that are a play off of Nike’s campaign centered around Colin Kaepernick. This meme combines both concepts by saying MGK sacrificed everything in his career (a lot of people, me included, feel he was outdone by Eminem), in order to do what he believed in (releasing a diss track directed at Eminem).

This is one of the many examples of Kevin Hart memes that I really enjoy. Like Deadpool, Kevin Hart is very memeable. I chose to post this specific one because I relate to it on a deep level, because even when people don’t me, it won’t stop me from being me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Flexible Digital Storytelling

I went through the DS106 Assignment Repository to browse through different assignments, and there were a few that caught my eye.  First, I came across an assignment about making a gif of the “Best Sports Play” of the past year.  This was an assignment that interested me, and I currently have the tools need to complete this, as seen below.  I think we are going to do a lot of projects that incorporate making gifs throughout the semester, and I think that is a very important skill when it comes to digital storytelling.

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The next project I noticed was “Turbo Charged Animated GIF.”  While I currently don’t have the tools to complete this, I feel I will learn how to work with something like this (creating separate animation zones in one image) through different projects throughout the semester.  I think these skills are important as well to add diversity to my animation ability by being able to animate specific sections of an image, as opposed to either the whole thing, or turning a clip of a video into a gif.


Making Me Happy and My First GIFs!

Hello everyone,

So I’ve been struggling with what to write for this “making me happy” post for a few days.  Eventually I just decided to go with the only things I been watching on the internet recently.  Basically, I’m a huge sports fan, and I’ve been getting really excited about upcoming basketball and football seasons.  Football season starts this week, and I’m getting excited to watch my favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens, play again…

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And basketball season is also right around the corner, and I can’t stop watching highlights of the players coming back healthy to my favorite team, the Boston Celtics, too…

Like Kyrie Irving..

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And Gordon Hayward..

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It should be a fun year in sports for me!