Approaching the last moments of school and finishing up finals, it’s good to just sit try and relax and keep it cool. easier said than done though. This is a gif I made just thinking about the chaos of finals week.

I made the image itself on the app Decim8 and made the video from a different app called Glitche.

This is a photo I edited on my smartphone on this app called decim8. It was really cool to mess with their different filters, and it’s just crazy how far I was able to stretch this photo and make it look completely different than the original.




Final Post

I learned a lot in ct.101 this semester. Photo editing and video editing were some of the things I learned. I loved making gifs because they’re a great way to share humor or emotions that you feel, plus it’s just fun taking snippets of video and turning it into something completely different. Photoshop projects gave me good objectives to learn how to edit photos and manipulate them to what I want to see. A lot of the skills I learned also helped me for editing my website, plus I learned some extra skills on the side about HTML coding. I edited the photos down that I have on my web page and turned them codes that I can post. I feel so much better about my skills at the computer and I feel more confident coding. I can’t wait to make more websites in the future.

Beneath the Cobblestones… A Domain of One’s Own

Audrey Watters brought up some interesting points in her speech about domain names in the video Beneath the Cobblestones, “A Domain of One’s Own”.  I liked how she tells what google has been doing inside of schools to provide technology to students and also to provide scholarly resources to students looking to write papers. Also it was interesting how when she was talking about domains she called it a community and said that websites are made because people are looking to connect to each other. Watters is also awesome for sharing views about Edward Snowden and how he exposed the NSA for lying to the American people.