Bring Dexter back!


DEXTER, the critically acclaimed drama series about a serial killer. Michael C. Hall stars as a Miami blood-spatter analyst and serial killer on DEXTER. Dexter was so exciting to me because he had a regular day time job but killed people at night, similar to most super hero’s. What I found really great about Dexter was that you can argue whether he was a super hero or a villain to the people of Miami in the show. This in my perspective made him very unique. Overall I think this was a very entertaining show and it kept me on my toes wanting to know what would happen next; therefore I miss the feeling of a new episode!

How do you create 3D pictures or clips?


I always wanted to know how to make a clip or a image in 3D form. I find 3D pictures to be the most beautiful pictures. 3D enhances every image and make the picture look more realer in my perspective. Personally it makes me 3D imaging and clips make me feel like I am closer to what is actually happening. 3D GIF’s look so fun to do. It seems challenging but the outcome looks beautiful. These 3D GIFs are fun!

Things that make me happy

I have been to many basketball games in my life but never watched my favorite player in person. Although I never missed any of his games via TV I never got the chance to see him when he comes to New York. Dwayne Wade has been my favorite basketball player since 2006 when he took over the 2006 NBA finals with a better than Jordan performance. I got to share this moment with my two bestfriends who are both Kobe fans yet EVERYONE that went to this NETS VS HEAT game was cheering for Dwayne Wade. In this moment he broke one players ankle and crossed over another player on the Brooklyn Nets. My favorite basketball player TAKING OVER NEW YORK. #Adreacometrue #thingsthatmakemehappy (videoed by me)