My Final Blog Post!

This semester in CT 101 I have learned so much. My favorite lesson has to be the vaporwave assignment that we completed. I always enjoy working with photoshop because it is a program that I am familiar with. It was interesting to use a program that I already have knowledge of in such a different way. I have never really utilized the blending modes in Photoshop before so it was cool to mess around with those to see what kind of effects I could get. I will definitely use the blending mode in different creative projects. As for my personal website, I will be adding to it over our vacation. I am so surprised at how it has been coming together that I would love to continue to develop the site.

Creating a website can be very frustrating  I think the most difficult part is trying to learn all of the capabilities of the website. Fortunately, I found the Elementor plug-in it allows me to stylize my pages while also being able to see them. Here’s a quick example Website_Recording

My website will be a portfolio for all of my creative work. I want to have a space that I will use to enhance my creative skills.

Although I really love gif because they quickly express emotions they are the bane of my existence! for some strange reason, I am not able to upload them off of Gifphy but Professor Seslow recommends that I try out IMGplay hopefully, this app will make it easier for me to upload my gif without all of the headaches. Plus I can use it on my cell phone. How convenient!


Lastly, I believe that I learned so many valuable skills this semester and I truly believe that I was able to do an amazing job within CT101  thanks to the wonderful direction of Professor Seslow. I think the only way that I was able to earn an “A” this semester was because Professor was able to help me through it, guiding me through the creation of my website and learning the fundamentals of online content. So thank you Professor Seslow for all of your encouragement.



Logo Creation


This will be a venting session

Within my CT 106 class, we were assigned to create a logo that represents my app that we are creating for our final assignment. This has been the most complicated thing I have been assigned to create this entire semester. I created two logos through sketch and I feel like they both aren’t communicating what I want people to know about my application

The very logo I created replace the “O” in oil with an afro. I feel like this communicates to the audience that our products are targeting a certain type of person but the logo isn’t clean enough in my opinion

The second logo I made is too vague and  but sounds nicer to me than Maggie Orchid’s Oils

I am lost anyone has recommendations what could be done to improve my logo it would be greatly appreciated


Im gonna make my own APP!!!

List of Application ideas

  • Natural Hair Oil advisor
  • Natural Hair Care General Advice/Tips
  • Natural Hair Care Reddit Site
  • Natural Hair Care Styles

The Goal of My Application:

  • Provide an application that can suggest the best oils for your hair based on your hair type or hair issues

A User would visit my website if:

  • they wanted to properly moisturize their hair but wasn’t sure where to start their journey. They could also visit my site if they want to know if the products that they are currently using would normally be healthy for their hair.

Tag Line:

  • An app that helps you moisturize your hair naturally.

The Precedents of my concept

  • Shea moisture and Mane Choice used to have websites that explained to customers their hair types and recommended products to them.

The Issue with Precedents

  • The issue is with their website was that the customer was not being educated, Shea moisture didn’t take into account common issues that people with natural hair can have like Traction Alopecia or seborrheic dermatitis and shea moisture only recommended that customers only use their products.

How will I be Different

  • My application will ask about the hair type as well as the current health of the user’s hair to determine what will be suggested to the customer. I can also provide information that describes the use of the products that  I am recommending


This week in CT101 we created Vaporwave Images. This has to be one of the most interesting movements that I have never witnessed. I really would like to know where I was when this movement was happening. I think I could have totally created some awesome Vaporwave images.

Professor Seslow kindy guided us through his tutorial. Patiently answering the same questions over and over from his students.

Creating the Image was actually pretty simple. I searched online for images that inspired me, and I came across this cool pic of Lady Gaga which reminded me of the “Birth of Venus” painting.

From that inspiration I was able to create this image:

 I think the image that I created was a very intriguing but I think that it is missing something if you know how I can improve my work let me know.

Who Listens to Their Professor Anyway?

Last week Professor Seslow finally showed the class how to purchase a domain name and hosting site! The steps were surprisingly very simple I can’t believe that I was intimidated by something so easy. Maybe it was easy because I had my professor right by my side to guide me. I will let you all know how it goes when I decide to purchase my domain names on my own.

I decided that the best name for my website would be my first and last name  I felt this would be the best choice for me because I have so many interests and things I would like to publish for all sorts of purposes the best thing to do would to simply make a site that will include all of my interest.

My First week of creating my website from scratch:

This whole this is very confusing I tried to create a nice looking website without downloading a theme but that looked like it was thrown together by a child

I then resorted to YouTube my preferred hub of knowledge. I began my journey by watching Tyler Moore’s YouTube video on how to create a word press website.

Then decided at one point that it would be better just to follow along with his video. Basically doing everything that he does so that I can see what my options are.

That is where I really F%&K up my friends.  Themes are complicated and that don’t all work the same on every computer. Themes aren’t for beginners. I am currently stuck trying to figure out how to categorize my blogs and how I can add photos to make my page vibrant. Here’s my current page. I plan on changing the theme back. I should have listened to my professor.