Something i would LIKE to learn

Came across this assignment and thought it would be really cool to know how to do this

this takes our gif assignment to the next level.

Merging gifs!

Seems like alot of students on DS106 were interested in this as well.

This person based theirs off the assignment : assignment :dancing jim



this person went in a different direction :Zen is…


By reading what other students used, i would need the follow …giffighter and youtube, of course!  one video posted for reference


p.s. came across this website that seemed good to reference back to for things . your welcome


something new i learned…

I tried “color splash” for the first time!

I chose this specific assignment from DS106

I went on google images and just typed in the first thing that came to mind ..nails!       found this bdfc4c717a1d36c3899aca6ba009dab5

I then chose the first tutorial

Mistake!!! I realized i didnt have Photoshop elements 11, which is what this tutorial was based on.

Then moved on to this tutorial

Started off really well, i got to select the image , following all directions but for some reason one part the tutorial was describing wasn’t showing up for me (“Enhance”). So i decided to try youtube…found this

images  why didnt i think of it sooner!

3 mins later i had this :bdfc4c717a1d36c3899aca6ba009dab5

I thought this was really cool so wanted to try it on another picture.

Before :10660107_1147737758581961_4596782539164743045_n

 After : 10660107_1147737758581961_4596782539164743045_n

This picture was drawn by one of my students for our board ,honoring women’s history month. I believe the wording i put color to empowers the message of our board. We encourage our students everyday to follow their dreams and they can do anything they put their mind to. This was just added as a lovely reminder. =)

P.s. finally figured out how to add color to my post. Fellow designer guided me. Next goal: font..

Imgur Vs. giphy

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This show makes me happy ! Love the Abby and llana dynamic..HILLARIOUS

giphy (1)

The broad city image was created with imgur and the JLO image was created with giphy. I found in giphy that i was able to play around with the gif more, meaning able to change the color and text type. Also with imgur i was not able to use less than 1 second from the youtube video original and with giphy I was able to. In giphy i was able to make my gif full screen and also tiled across the screen.  So far i prefer giphy .

Krys 101

I would like to gain new skills and expand on what i already know. I love technology and exploring new things within technology on my free time. I feel that minoring in communications will help me explore my creative , technological side that i’ve never had the time to really invest in. I really like sharing knowledge and resources with others. Helping others in anyway possible. I am trying to form an idea for my blog around this. Suggestions are welcomed =)


How i felt dealing with changing all my passwords today because i forgot them :